Taeyang, “Eyes, nose, lips” Inkigayo 08/06/2014


Just finished reading cohf after procrastinating for days. At the end, I really couldn’t believe TMI ended. I just sat there dazed, while hugging my book.
I loved how Simon might end up Ascending and that Zachariah stole Church. OMG. Jem bby hahaha 👏👏 And Jace reclaimed his Herondale name. YES. I APPROVE. Jace Herondale 👍 ㅋㅋㅋ But then I felt really sad because Jonathan seems like a really nice brother to have but his life was robbed from him and ruined by Valentine. He lived freely for like a few minutes and then died. Why why. My heart hurts for him. 😭😭
I rather enjoyed the ending to the 6 book long series, though it wasn’t till the last 200 pages or so where everything started to pick up. Magnus. Let’s talk about Magnus. I particularly liked how Magnus got back with Alec because MALEC. When he finally opened up and gave Alec ‘The Bane Chronicles’, I almost died of happiness. And of course, Jessa 😂 or maybe Jerch/Chuem/whatever the ship name is for Jem and Church.
And the part where Clace had cave sex just like Wessa. OMG, you Herondales. Plus Magnus interrupting Clace makeout moments. Parallels. It’s killing me because I’m smiling too much. 😆


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