hyukchul best lines。 
“Which member has the best temper? -Azio Entertainment
"Eunhyuk I guess. Because he’s too kind and innocent. There are times when I even think he’s an idiot. Sometimes I feel sorry him. When I tease him, even if he does make a comeback, *imitates Eunhyuk*. His voice will get softer and softer. Should I say that he’s still like a child? He’s very humorous but yet like a child. Really a good boy.” -

• Azio Entertainment (2008)

On “who’s the nicest to the fans”

Fans standing outside saying there’s no way to get home
Kangin hyung will ask, “Why can’t you go home?" 
The fans replied that they didn’t have enough money for a cab home
In the end he really gave the fans money to take a cab home 

But he will ask them to return him 10 times more

he’s a man of high interest rate