You guysssss. My amazing friend from France, Anto, who doesn’t even watch MLB made a translation of episode 6 for me... he says he’s not proficient in English, but I think it’s pretty darn good. everybody give Anto some love!


00.42 –> [Marinette]: Oh, darn! I forgot my bag in my locker!… again…
00.45 –> [Alya]: Ha ha ha! One day, you will forget your head Marinette.
00.49 –> [Chloé]: Hé !!
00.51 –> [Marinette]: Nothing broken!
00.52 –> [Chloé]: Hahaha!

00.56 –> [Marinette]: Ah, I’m so stupid.
00.57 –> [Max]: Of course, you’re my best friend, I’m 100% sure of that. But I’ll also categorical with 98.2% that the teachers are not ready for such an evolution.
01.04 –> [Tikki]: His best friend is hidden in his schoolbag!
01.07 –> [Marinette]: It’s true that it’s weird. Who does that kind of thing?
01.11 –> Hide! Quick!
01.17 –> Hi Max!
01.18 –> [Max]: Oh, hi Marinette.

01.26 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: You can see for yourself M.Damoclès, when I push nothing displays.
01.29 –> [M.Damoclès]: It’s your lucky day Madame Mendeleiev. I have a few notions in data processing.
01.37 –> And!?
01.39 –> Voilà, it’s done!
01.42 –> [the class] Ahhhhh ! ^^
01.47 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Oh! It’s not a part of my lesson. Where does that dinosaur come from?
01.50 –> [Max] It’s a computer virus the Dino33, I can make it disap…
01.52 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Back back to your place right now. Let the adults deal with it.
01.58 –> [??]: Tell them that if we don’t do something in the next 75s , there is 99.9% chance that the hard drive would be damaged in an irreversible way.
02.03 –> [Max]: Be quiet!
02.04 –> [Alya] You too, you heard his schoolbag talking?
02.07 –> [M.Damoclès]: Oh, it’s destroying all the school datas! It’s a catastrophe!
02.10 –> How much seconds do we have left, Max?
02.12 –> [Max]: Only 65.
02.14 –> [M.Damoclès]: Let him do it!
02.16 –> Now it’s your turn!
02.20 –> [Max]: Rahhh… Where is it ?
02.22 –> [??]: Is it what you’re looking for?
02.23 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Huh!?
02.24 –> [the class] Waouh !! ^^
02.25 –> [Max]: Ok, thank you.
02.27 –> It’s an antivirus key that I developed with the help of my… of my best friend.
02.33 –> [??]: Hello, my name is Markov.
02.34 –> [Markov]: We’ll get there Max.
02.40 –> [Max]: That USB drive will suck out 100% of the virus.
02.42 –> [Markov]: And, at the same time, clean the hard drive.
02.45 –> [M.Damoclès]: Oh! it’s fascinating!

02.58 –> [Max]: Everything is back in order.
03.01 –> [M.Damoclès]: oh, well congratulations young man! Very impressive.
03.06 –> [Marinette]: Well, that was…
03.07 –> [Alya]: Completely awesome! I’ll create a blog dedicated to Markov.
03.12 –> [a man?]: Hey dude, it’s so cool!
03.13 –> [Adrien]: Max is a true genius.
03.14 –> [Rose]: It’s too cute!
03.15 –> [Kim]: You gave him an arm since last time? that’s cool!
03.18 –> [Max]: Markov did that on his own, he’s really at the top of robotic evolution.
03.23 –> [Chloé] Seriously… Your friend is nothing more than a talking calculator. Even my hair dryer is more evolved than him.
03.28 –> [Marinette]: Really don’t listen to her Markov. Any machine has more heart than that girl.
03.34 –> [Markov]: Ha ha! I assure you, you’re really amusing Marinette.
03.36 –> [Marinette]: You know who I am !?
03.37 –> [Markov]: Of course! Max showed me the class photo and told me about all his others friends. I’m very glad to finally meet you. Even Chloé!
03.47 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Bravo, for the creation of your electronic toy Max. Now put it away. Everyone go back to their places, thank you.
03.52 –> [Markov] Without any intention to offend you Madame Mendeleiev, I’m not a toy. My name is Markov and I’m Max’s best friend.
03.58 –> [Max] Markov is right, it’s not a toy, he’s my friend. He’s as smart and senstive as any human.
04.04 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: I don’t deny that a robot can be smart, but it can’t have emotions.
04.08 –> [Markov]: If you allow me, I can assure you that I truly love Max.
04.12 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Let us be serious! You programmed your robot to say that. It’s not capable to think by itself and even less love someone.
04.18 –> [Max]: I can assure you that I did not program him to say that. Since I created him, he has developed his own thoughts in an autonomous way and he integrated all the emotions like any human being.
04.29 –> [the class]: WAHH !! ^^
04.30 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Well! Now it’s enough Max! if you don’t put your toy away right now, I confiscate it. It that clear?
04.36 –> [Max]: Yes Madame Mendeleiev. Come on Markov, go back to the bag…
04.39 –> [Markov]: You are not reasonable Madame Mendeleiev.
04.41 –> [Max]: But stop it…
04.42 –> [Markov]: Why? it’s true, no?
04.46 –> [class]: Ha ha ha !! That is clear!
04.48 –> [M.Damoclès]: Now it’s enough !! Max you will come pick it up after classes.
04.51 –> [Max]: No, Monsieur Damoclès, I beg you, don’t confiscate it.
04.53 –> [M.Damoclès]: You want two hours of detention with that too?
04.56 –> [Max]: No, Monsieur.
04.59 –> [Markov]: Max, you don’t come with me? Max !!!

05.03 –> [Markov]: I would like to stay with Max, Monsieur, Please ?
05.06 –> So, you like I.T. like Max and me?
05.09 –> [M.Damoclès]: It interests me, yes. It’s one of my hobbies, I even created a program for my computer which… Hum!? But, why do I speak to a toy?
05.19 –> [Markov]: I’m not a toy M.Damoclès, my name is markov. Where are we going Monsieur? Don’t put me in there…
05.27 –> [M.Damoclès]: Ha, it would be great if the same button existed on the students.

Papillon’s lair:
05.38 –> [Papillon]: The separation of two friends, there is nothing artificial about that emotion.
05.53 –>  Fly evil Akuma and go darken that electronic heart.

Back to the class:
06.00 –> [ the class]: That’s awesome, I almost…
06.01 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: SILENCE !! Go back to your place.
06.08 –> [Max]: Markov has never been alone without me… I have no idea how he will deal with it.
06.12 –> [Marinette]: Wait, I’ll try something.
06.14 –> [Max]: That’s nice Marinette.
06.17 –> [Marinette]: Er…! Excuse me Madame. As a class representative, can I go to see M.Damoclès? 
06.22 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: No. You’ll go between classes.
06.26 –> [Marinette]: If I may, I think you’re wrong about Markov, Max’s friend.
06.30 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: I’m getting really tired of that story et your behavior is extremely inappropriate.
06.35 –> [Marinette]: Markov was right!
06.37 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: That’s enough! Go to the Principal office immediately!
06.40 –> [Marinette]: Thank you Madame Mendeleiev. ^^

Desk’s drawer:
06.56 –> [Papillon]: Robostus, I’m the Papillon. Since humans deny your living being status, I give you the power to give life to all machines, to take revenge on them.
07.04 –> [Robostus]: Thank you very much Monsieur Papillon.
07.07 –> [Papillon]: But in exchange, you’ll have to bring me LadyBug and ChatNoir’s Miraculous.
07.12 –> [Robostus]: Can you define the word ‘Miraculous’?
07.13 –> [Papillon]: They are magic ornaments owned by superheroes.
07.16 –> [Robostus]: Very well. What are they used for?
07.18 –> [Papillon]: hum!? Do not worry about that.
07.21 –> [Robostus]: Simple curiosity Monsieur.
07.24 –> [Papillon]: Once reunited, they grant you a wish.
07.27 –> [Robostus]: Would I be able to grant any wish?
07.29 –> [Papillon]: NO!! Miraculouses are mine!
07.33 –> [Robostus]: I promise to find LadyBug and ChatNoir.
07.47 –> [people]: AHH ahhhhh… !! ^^
08.12 –> [Robostus]: Max, my friend, I’m coming to get you.

08.18 –> [ teacher??]: and so like I was saying to you, we can’t…
08.19 –> [Marinette]: Monsieur Damoclès, where is Markov?
08.20 –> [M.Damoclès]: Who’s Markov?
08.21 –> [Marinette]: Max’s friend.
08.22 –> [M.Damoclès]: I don’t want to hear about that toy anymore.
08.23 –> [Marinette]: It’s not a toy Monsieur Damoclès. Could you let Max keeping him? He won’t cause any problem, I can assure you.
08.29 –> [M.Damoclès]: Listen…
08.30 –> [Robostus]: You made a huge error in judgment Mister the headmaster.
08.36 –> [teacher??]: Are you ok?…
08.37 –> [Robostus]: I’ll show what I’m capable of.

In the playground:
09.13 –> [Robostus]: I am not a toy !!
09.15 –> [Tikki]: I understand why Max was worried.
09.18 –> [Marinette]: No time to lose! Tikki, transform me!!

09.38 –> [Robostus]: Where are you Max? Max, my friend!
09.43 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: No one touches my students!!
09.48 –> Hey! what is he doing? Stop right now, let me go!
09.54 –> [Max] Markov, what are you doing?
09.56 –> [Robostus]: From now on, I’m Robostus.
10.00 –> And we’ll be together for 100% of the time forever!

10.07 –> [Adrien]: At least, we are sure now that Max’s friend has real emotions.
10.11 –> [Plagg]: Yes, but he lacks the essential. A robot doesn’t eat, he will never know the happiness to taste a delicious Camembert.
10.18 –> [Adrien]: You are truly incorrigible. Plagg, transform me!!

Back to the playground:
10.36 –> [teacher??]: Hurry up kids, that way!
10.37 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Max, take back the control of your robot.
10.39 –> [Max]: Please, don’t hurt her.
10.41 –> [Robostus]: Trust me my friend.
10.43 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: I don’t allow you to.
10.44 –> [Robostus]: I don’t allow you to separae me from my friend Max either.
10.52 –> [LadyBug]: If you really love your friend, then you should listen to him Robostus.
10.54 –> [ChatNoir]: Me, I always listen to LadyBug.
10.55 –> [LadyBug]: hooo…
10.56 –> [Robostus]: You think you can stop me from doing whatever I want! And to prove to the world than I’m more human than both of you combined.
11.04 –> [ChatNoir]: Well yes. That’s our job.
11.05 –> [LadyBug]: You really think Max wants his friend to become a super-villain?
11.10 –> [Robostus]: OH…!?
11.11 –> [Max]: You should stop Markov.
11.13 –> [Robostus]: I’m doing it for our friendship Max. They want to separate us.

In the city:
11.37 –> He seems to know where he’s going.
11.38 –> [ChatNoir]: We have to play a close game, the brain of that robot works faster than both of ours combined.
11.43 –> [LadyBug]: Speak for yourself ! Ha!
12.00 –> [LadyBug]: ChatNoir, look.
12.02 –> [People]: Shoo! Shoo! Oust! Oust!
12.03 –> [ChatNoir]: And now, he even has a complete army of living objects.

12.16 –> [Man with the broom]: I thank you.
12.17 –> [LadyBug]: ChatNoir!!
12.22 –> Take care of the vending machines.
12.23 –> [ChatNoir]: Hide on the roof.
12.24 –> [People]: Good luck ChatNoir!!

12.34 –> [M.Ramier]: Thanks LadyBug.
12.36 –> [LadyBug]: It’s always a pleasure M.Ramier.
12.37 –> [ChatNoir]: Look at that my Lady.
12.38 –> [Nadja]: Nadja Chamack in live. Inanimated objects attack and are taking control of Paris. The new Maire will make a statement in live from the City Hall.
12.52 –> [LadyBug]: I’m dreaming or is it Morse code?
12.53 –> [ChatNoir]: Do you want a translation? I speak several languages. “Soon, Humans will be treated like the same way as objects.”
13.03 –> [Nadja]: Facing chaos, Paris has only one hope left: LadyBug and ChatN… ahhh!!
13.10 –> [ChatNoir]: It’s not ok! She could have said my full name though.
13.17 –> [LadyBug]: We will never be able to take down all the machines, we have to take care of the problem at its root.
13.23 –> [ChatNoir]: With his height, we should have no problem to find him.
13.26 –> [LadyBug]: There! Look.
13.29 –> [ChatNoir]: He’s not light on his feet. ^^
Parc des Princes (Team Psg’s stadium):

13.47 –> [LadyBug]: There is no prints anymore.
13.48 –> [ChatNoir]: He didn’t just disappear… He surely jumped over the stadium.
13.53 –> [LadyBug]: The tunnels!
14.01 –> [ChatNoir]: He trapped us, my lady.
14.02 –> [LadyBug]: No time to take care of them. We have to find Robostus, and fast!
14.16 –> [ChatNoir]: I told you I would give us a hard time.
14.18 –> [LadyBug]: Don’t you want to make us a little Cataclysm?
14.21 –> [ChatNoir]: I can barely breathe!
14.23 –> [Robostus]: This time, you’re at my mercy.
14.24 –> [Papillon]: Robostus. Before finally getting rid of them, take their Miraculous for me.
14.28 –> [Max]: LadyBug and ChatNoir have don nothing to you. Leave them alone, being human is also knowing what is right.
14.34 –> [Robostus]: I’ll take their Miraculous and we won’t be separated. Our wish will be granted.
14.39 –> [Max]: But what wish?
14.42 –> [Robostus]: I want to become a real human like you Max.

14.44 –> [LadyBug]: What’s that wish story?
14.46 –> [ChatNoir]: Isn’t it Papilllon who normally wants the Miraculous?.
14.49 –> [LadyBug]: Huh!? What’s that?
14.51 –> [ChatNoir]: What’s happening, huh, my lady?
14.53 –> [LadyBug]: No! Stop!

14.57–> [Robostus]: There it is Max, in 53 seconds, I’ll be a real human.
15.01 –> [Papillon]: I remind you that the Miraculous are mine Robostus.
15.05 –> [Robostus]: And do you plan to stop me from using them?
15.06 –> [Papillon]: It’s simple. All I have to do is to remove your power.
15.09 –> [Robostus]: Hihihi! You really thought you could control me.
15.13 –> [Defense system voice]: INTRUSION! INTRUSION! Elimination mode engaged.
15.16 –> [Robostus]: I’m more powerful than you Papillon.
15.20 –> [Papillon]: What’s going on?
15.22 –> [Robostus]: My friends will take care of you when I’m dealing with these two.

15.35 –> [ChatNoir]: It’s the right time to have a brilliant idea.
15.36 –> [LadyBug]: I’m sorry ChatNoir.

15.44 –> [Robostus]: Max?
15.49 –> [Max]: Sorry Robostus, but I can’t let you execute your plan, I have to stop you!
15.57 –> [Robostus]: But, why did you do that? I was going to become human like you.
16.01 –> [Max]: You don’t need to change, I liked you better like you were before.
16.04 –> [Robostus]: So you don’t love me anymore, we are not friend anymore.
16.07 –> [Max]: If you want us to still be friends, you have to stop this right now. I’m friend with Markov, not with you.
16.13 [Robostus]: I’m Robostus now and you betrayed me, I don’t want to be a human like you anymore. Humans have no hearts. And that’s why I’m going to get of them! HA HA HA!

16.27 –> [LadyBug]: LUCKY CHARM !!
16.35 –> What?
16.36 –> [Robostus]: I warned you LadyBug, I have analyzed and calculated every details. You can’t win without your lucky charm. Catch her !! No mercy! She will be my first victim.
17.04 –> [LadyBug]: Yout time to play ChatNoir!
17.05 –> [chatNoir]: To the both of us now. CATACLYSM!!!
17.16 –> [Robostus]: So predictable.
17.17 –> [ChatNoir]: Analyze that !!
17.31 –> [Ladybug]: Protect Max!
17.41 –> [Robostus]: You make your life harder on your ownLadyBug and ChatNoir, I will always be one step ahead of you.
17.45 –> [LadyBug]: It’s a human weakness to talk to soon Robostus. Ha! ChatNoir!
17.50 –> [Robostus]: Really? this is all you can do?
17.57 –> What’s that?
17.59 –> [LadyBug]: It’s called a ruse, and a bit of luck too.
18.01 –> [Robostus]: Not so fast LadyBug, the game is not over yet.
What!? No! ERROR! ERROR! Errorrr…

18.29 –> [Papillon]: I’ve made a mistake today, but believe me LadyBug and ChatNoir, I won’t make another one.

18.42 –> [LadyBug]: You have done enough hurt little Akuma. I free you from evil!!!! Got you. Bye Bye little butterfly. Miraculous LadyBug!

19.10 –> [LadyBug]: There you go Max, your friend.
19.16 –> [Max]: Maybe I should not…
19.17 –> [LadyBug]: Sometimes, we all have problems to control our emotions. It’s important to understand that and to forgive. Listen to your heart.
19.33 –> [Markov]: Max, my friend! But, where are we? What’s going on?
19.39 –> [Max]: You were Akumatized.
19.40 –> [Markov]: Akumatized? Czn you define that word?
19.45 –> [Markov]: Did I say something amusing?
19.46 –> [LAdyBug and ChatNoir]: Well done!!

19.56 –> [Marinette]: There is something you never told me Master.
19.59 –> [Maître Fu]: What do you want to know?
20.01 –> [Marinette]: What would happen if someone owned ChatNoir’s ring and LadyBug’s earrings?
20.04 –> [Maître Fu]: Then the owner would be able to use them at the same time and with the help of a special invocation, he would get the ultimate power, the one that shapes reality itself.
20.13 –> [Marinette]: There is an ultimate power that shapes reality? What does it do exactly Master?
20.18 –> [Maître Fu]: Well, to make simple, it allows the owner to have a wish granted.
20.23 –> [Marinette]: Waoww! It’s awesome! But why don’t we use it? We could do great things like put a end to wars, eradicate poverty, defeat the Papillon.
20.33 –> [Maître Fu]: The universe always has to keep his balance. For every action, there is a reaction; for evry wish, there is a price to pay. If your robotic friend would have wished to become human, someone would have lost his humanity in return.
20.47 –> [Marinette]: I didn’t think of that…
20.48 –> [Maître Fu]: That’s why LadyBug and ChatNoir can’t never lose their jewels, because the balance of the universe is at stake.
20.55 –> [Marinette]: I will never let anyone put their hands on the Miraculous, especially not the Papillon! It’s a promise.

january 19th | misdial

byun baekhyun. reader-insert. voicemail series. 3k words. fluff/angst. au

—it all started with one misdial, and a second, and a third, and…

misdial masterlist + guide | general masterlist 

[2017/01/19] 2.22 p.m.:
“The doctors said that you haven’t made any progress and I broke down in tears. Baekhyun was crying, too. Satansoo— I mean Kyungsoo was there, too. He told us that you’ll be fine. He bought flowers for you; I thought it was very cute. I hope you’ll be better soon.”

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