Supernatural 08.18 Freaks and Geeks

I’m sorry if you like her acting, this is probably going to be awful for you because I bitch about it a lot.

I hate being reminded of awful acting. I would just act in everything myself if I wanted that.

No means no, asshole. Back the fuck off.

Now the actress playing Josephine! Why couldn’t she be cast as Krissy?

They’ve used this house before - the outside at least.

Shut up, you’re not my real father.

You leave Garth out of this.

“None that I know of” is always the right response when asked if you have kids.

Sam, are those snaps? Is your shirt snap down?! I approve.

Somewhere in this series one of these boys needs to say “time to strap on the machete” or I am going to be unfulfilled.

It’s just Dean had so many fangs as a vampire. More than anyone. Is it. Is it a penis thing?

It bothers me he doesn’t talk. Ahhh, there we go.

Who just listens? Why are they talking in turns? Who argues like this?

And that is her cover for playing with the gun during the drive and walking into the house with no bullets.

Also, the vampire is still not dead.

She is literally a year older than when you first met her. If she isn’t a kid now, she fucking wasn’t then either.

Do you think she had to step up on a soap box to reach his cheek?

Monsters don’t just come from Hell. But I think it’s adorable how badly you want that to be true.


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