Champions League calendar 2017/2018

24/08/17: Group stage draw
12–13/09/17: Group stage, matchday one
26–27/09/17: Group stage, matchday two
17–18/10/17: Group stage, matchday three
31/10/17–01/11/17: Group stage, matchday four
21–22/11/17: Group stage, matchday five
05–06/12/17: Group stage, matchday six

11/12/17: Round of 16 draw
13–14/02/18 and 20–21/02/18: Round of 16, first leg
06–07/03/18 and 13–14/03/18: Round of 16, second leg

16/03/18: Quarter-final draw
03–04/04/18: Quarter-finals, first leg
10–11/04/18: Quarter-finals, second leg

13/04/18: Semi-final and final draw
24–25/04/18: Semi-finals, first leg
01–02/05/18: Semi-finals, second leg

26/05/18: Final (NSK Olimpiyski, Kyiv)


I had half a hot chocolate for breakfast because I struggle to drink a large volume and I don’t know why, and an apple for breakfast and 2 crumpets with BP and J for lunch with a biscuits and I feel really greet and out of control which I very aware is totally illogical, but all the same that’s how I feel.

Going into town at 2 to spend money I don’t have. I need to get oscar a birthday present but what one earth do you buy a 9 year old boy (girls are so easy compared to boys) I can’t really be bothered but it gets me out of the house which is needed.

I’m wearing fitter trousers and feel repulsive. This is why I only wear baggy trousers or skirts, but I’m really struggling with getting dressed at all at the moment. I might get changed- I think I will actually!

Really really really apprahensive about the weekend because mum is away and dad will be really over protective and alert and arg! It triggers me so much. I’m also struggling and although my cc tried to remind me it’s ok to not be ok, I have to be ok, there isn’t another option.

182:可愛い奥様:2011/08/18(木) 14:20:57.53 ID:FpjZcnF90

282 :なご:2011/08/17(水) 13:06:53.13 ID:kCTQA4HCO