#044 Summer Vacation 08.07.2012

I forgot to do this post again… 

What did I do yesterday… Oh yeah, I went to the animal clinic so Scooter can get a shot. Scooter didn’t stay still while in the waiting room. He wanted to go play with the other dogs there. He acts like he is a puppy. After that, I pretty much have nothing else to say about my day yesterday… There was an earthquake yesterday… yeah… I have nothing… okay I am done… My summer days aren’t that exciting as I want them to be….

08.07.2012 - Jamba =D

Woke up today, went straight to the office and started getting ready for Orientation that’s like….tomorrow ish. HAHAHA I know, I’m late…but oh well =P

I went to Jamba juice today! It was yummy ^^v OH and I got my monthly gift from mother nature today. Seriously, I always get it right when something important is coming up. Last month, it was the day I got to Tokyo. This time, it’s the day before I go to Seattle for orientation. The amount of lucks I have…haha.

Anywayyy, I’m sort of excited to sign up for my classes, yet scared cuz my orientation’s so late, I bet I’m gonna get shitty classes. Like night classes. If I do…I’m most likely going to cry LOL

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day! =]

(I need to do something about my nails soon. They’re so long, that they’re bothering my typing. >=/ )