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Miyano Mamoru - 06/08/2017

I first met you when I was moved by Yagami Light/Kira’s acting. I fell deeply into you when I first heard your singing voice as Hayato/Tokiya. Now I love you more and more with every character you give life to. My favorite among them is Dazai Osamu, because I see you in Dazai in the same way that I see Dazai in you.

You’re one of the most talented person that I know. I can watch and listen to you forever, as you deliver the best performances out there. There was a time when I questioned why aren’t you an actor or an idol, because you are definitely better than others who are. 

But no, I realized that you were born to reign in the seiyuu industry.

I love being your fan as I admire every aspect of you.

✓✓ Seiyuu voice
✓✓ Singing voice
✓ Normal voice
✓✓ Acting
✓ Dancing
✓ Looks
✓✓ Personality

I got surprised by myself this morning when I was moved to tears as I realized how grateful I am to God for having met Miyano Mamoru

You’ll never know how many people you have saved and I want to thank you for making us smile with everything you do.

I wish you good health and may all the happiness you have given off come back to you in double.


(Oh how I wish I can translate all these feelings to Japanese so I can at least send a letter to you) (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

anonymous asked:

I have possibly a dumb question, but what exactly was the cockles break up? I keep hearing things about it but I am but a new sprout in the garden of the cockles fandom and I am very confused...

No, it’s not dumb, dear, but it was before my time as well and so I can only tell you what I’ve seen/heard, which is all of itself total speculation of course. There was once a “masterpost” on it but it seems to have been deleted, so I’m going to have to piece it together on what I can find and remember.

The basic concept is that Jensen and Misha met in 08 and by 09-10 they seemed really flirty going on intimate. Maybe they got together, maybe they didn’t, but they were definitely flirting, and in 2011 it really seems like Misha’s teasing (specifically, tweeting this “shirtless” pic) may have been pushing too hard at Jensen’s not wanting to be outed (since he’s definitely not as comfortable showing his queerness as Misha), because a period followed where things were kind of frosty and uncomfortable. 

The next con after that tweet (which Jensen didn’t attend) saw Misha noticeably upset during his panels, even on the verge of tears, and he sounded fairly bitter in answers about how Dean had treated Cas and was even reported to have been cranky and rude to staff, to have shouted that he didn’t want to go and do his photo ops. (Here’s a post.) This obviously doesn’t sound like our Misha, so it seems plain something had really upset him.

There was also this heartbreaking moment that actually occurred prior to the tweet but seems maybe part of the whole issue, where Sebastian mentioned loving the sound of the person he loves sleeping next to him, saying “the sound of her breathing”, and Misha saying, “or him” and then looking incredibly sad and distracted. 

That year there was also this incident at AHBL in Sydney, which saw Jensen looking… really unhappy with Jared and Misha’s jokingly homoerotic interaction. Despite that, there were a lot of incidents of Jensen being really affectionate and teasing and touchy-feely with Misha in the time after the supposed breakup, maybe trying to make him less sad? It’s hard to tell what Jensen was feeling or thinking around this time.

(Here’s the two posts I took some info from: x, x)

Long story short, it seems like something happened, regardless of whether you see them as romantic or just friends, because Misha was very clearly upset and it seemed to have something to do with Jensen. The whys can only be speculated on, of course, but the good news is that obviously they worked things out and for years now they have been very close and they clearly love each other a lot.

Sonic-for-real justice: complete episode list (as of June 4th)

01- Silver justice warrior
02- Down with mod Amy
03-A Tails to remember
04- When Sonic met Amy…
05-Knuckles usurps
06-Tikal’s true gender
07- When Sally met Sonic…
08- Shadow the edgy-hog
09- Super Sonic v.s. Hyper Knuckles
10- Sally’s last stand

i put together a playlist for the killing type by @protagonist-m which has been slowly putting an end to my life. big big big thanks to @here4zayn for allowing me to use their beautiful manip (i’ve made it black and white). i hope y’all enjoy it because i had so much fun finding the right songs for it.

01. okkervil river - for real // 02. cat power - great expectations // 03. bat for lashes - i’m on fire // 04. brand new - handcuffs // 05. the kills - dreams // 06. dead man’s bones - in the room where you sleep // 07. banks - before i ever met you // 08. fka twigs - papi pacify // 09. destiny’s child - say my name (cyril hahn remix) // 10. haim - my song 5 (movement version) // 11. grizzly bear - knife // 12. lianne la havas - twice // 13. sufjan stevens - john wayne gacy, jr. // 14. neko case - dirty knife // 15. jesse lacey - oh comely // 16. low - (that’s how you sing) amazing grace // 17. nirvana - something in the way // 18. hozier - run

you can listen here on 8tracks


31/08/2015 I met Ben Whishaw. It was my Happiest and dreamiest moment in London. I carried a small gift made by jade and my sketchbook half-finished with paintings of Ben’s different characters. I would like to finish it but I saw him earlier than I imagined and I told him to do whatever he like to finish it. I was just too nervous to say one single normal sentence but he was super nice with all of us and extremely patient (sweeeeet!!!●´ω`●) though he looked tired after all day’s performances. 

I’ll always paint him as long as he’s still on the stage and in the screen. Lucky to be Ben’s fan and wish him happy forever.

we shine like silver in the sunlight; a mix for the raven boys [listen]

01 ONLY IF FOR A NIGHT; florence and the machine [and i heard your voice / as clear as day] 02 KIDS; the kooks [no times to think of consequences] 03 BAD KIDS; the black lips [produce of no dad kids] 04 ONE NIGHT TOWN; ingrid michaelson [light up our memory] 05 COEUR D'ALENE; the head and the heart [a sad son’s smouldering soul] 06 ARMY; boy [i’m all right on my own but with them i’m much better] 07 ME AND ALL MY FRIENDS; walk the moon [i can hardly recollect who i was before i met] 08 LOVE LIKE THIS; kodaline [we shine like silver in the sunlight] 09 HAND COVERS BRUISE; trent reznor and atticus ross 10 BETTER; regina spektor [if i kiss you…will you feel anything at all?] 11 WOODLAND; the paper kites [won’t lay down our heads till the day is won] 12 I DIED SO I COULD HAUNT YOU; stars [one day we’ll all disappear] 13 PUNCHING IN A DREAM; the naked and famous [breathing life into a nightmare14 OUT OF THE WOODS; nickel creek [i might as well be dreaming] 15 WOMAN KING; iron and wine [woman king, sword in hand16 LIGHT ALL MY LIGHTS; seeker lover keeper [we’re human, so we fight] 17 PROMISE; ben howard [who am i? / i come alone here] 18 ISLANDS; sara bareilles [see for yourself / the horizon is all we have] 19 THE NIGHT STARTS HERE; stars [the time we have / the task at hand] 

I’m not even joking, y'all. 808 has been my number for the longest time. 13 is one of my faves, but good things have always happened to me at 808.

Yesterday was August 8. 8/08. And I met the queen.

The power of numbers.

When Malcolm X Met Robert Penn Warren
By Ta-Nehisi Coates

Warren: Can a person, an American of white blood, be guiltless?

Malcolm: Guiltless?

Warren: Yes.

Malcolm: Well, you can only answer it this way, by turning it around. Can the Negro who is the victim of the system escape the collective stigma that is placed upon all Negroes in this country?

And the answer is “no.” Because Ralph Bunch is an internationally recognized and respected diplomat can’t stay in a hotel in Georgia, which means that no matter what the accomplishment, the intellectual, the academic or professional level of the Negro is, collectively he stands condemned. Well, the white race in America is the same way. As individuals it is impossible for them to escape the collective crime committed against the Negroes in this country collectively.