08 03 13


| 08/03/16 | {12-13 days of productivity}

yesterday i had to leave school early because i was feeling really sick and today i didn’t go to school either. so now im catching up homework.


“We started dating before we even knew each other’s last names. Before I knew what your favourite colour was, before I even knew whether you had pets or not.” “Yeah, but you knew what to call me and you never used my name. You knew the colour of my cheeks when I saw you because you were the only one to see me that way. And after we marry, we could live in a cozy cottage and get a labrador puppy. That would be enough for me. Besides, you know how I fall asleep. Even on how many pillows. You know what I tend to do when I get sad, and you know what songs I sing in the shower.
You didn’t know all those other things, because they were insignificant. Those are facts you share with someone you meet in french class.

And you’re not just someone… you’re pretty fucking special."