Because I got my first actual New Years kiss. You know the ones that happen right at 12:00 a.m. January 1st.
I love how you always think you love someone to the fullest until some how some way they prove to you that you are capable of loving them even more than before. Things get bad and you’re reminded of all the reasons you started loving in the first place. So here’s to the new year and the constant reinvention of our love.


All the Patterns

Sometimes people don’t like my outfits.  That’s ok.  Sometimes I don’t like theres.  We can agree to disagree.  Here’s to you, buddy.  

Shirt: TM Lewin (similar), Tie: the Tie Bar (similar), Jacket: FB Class (similar), Pocket Square: Thrift (similar), Watch: Timex, Strap: the Knottery, Belt: Lands End (similar), Pants: Uniqlo (similar), Socks: Uniqlo (similar), Shoes: Cole Haan (similar)

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Today I learned that yesterday’s plane crash took the life of someone I knew. It has been on my mind the whole day.

I met her last year around this time, we sung together. She was such a beautiful girl, inside and out. I’ve heard only good things about her from other people.

We made plans to cover TaeTiSeo - Love Sick together. It makes me sad that I am not going to have the chance to sing with you anymore. That I wouldn’t be able to hear you sing again, that I will never see you dance again.

Your life was one that had yet to be lived. And it saddens me to the core that it has been taken away from you so cruelly. It wasn’t you time yet, it was no ones time yet.

Yet another example of how far the wrath and greed of humanity has become.

I hope you all have found peace. R.I.P. dear Minh, your mother, little brother and all the people who boarded MH17.


All the Patterns

7 patterns in all.  There’s a black watch belt in there.  

Shirt: TM Lewin (similar), Tie: the Tie Bar (similar), Jacket: FB Class (similar), Pocket Square: Thrift (similar), Watch: Timex, Strap: the Knottery, Belt: Lands End (similar), Pants: Uniqlo (similar), Socks: Uniqlo (similar), Shoes: Cole Haan (similar)

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3 am thoughts...

The night when I saw you at that party, I could have sworn something changed within me. I never figured out how I came up to you or how I found you in the crowd but when I did, a bolt struck me and suddenly I was right in front of you.

Everything went black and everyone was a blur, from where I was standing, I couldn’t seem to focus on anyone but you. I couldn’t hear anything, though I felt the vibrations pound from the ground. That moment could have lasted forever and I wouldn’t mind.

That night when I saw you at that party I could have sworn it was the beginning of our story, not the end. But one thing is for certain I knew I was never the same again.

Happy 17th Birthday!

Hi Happy Birthday! I miss you, I hope it’s nice were you are and I hope you are doing fine. Since it is your birthday and I know you won’t read this anytime soon might as well pour my heart out, so here it goes.

Here are some of my gifts to you:

Prayers; I will always pray for you, always.

A place in my heart; You were not the first who made me feel special, but you were the only one who mattered. You were the first boy I ever truly loved, unrequited or not I loved you none the less. 

And finally, Freedom; this one is mostly for me, because I need to let go of you. I need to let go of the memories. I can’t cling to them anymore, I can’t relive them like it was yesterday and I can’t love you like you were giving me the stars, I can’t do that anymore.

There was never an “us” but that doesn’t mean what I felt wasn’t any less genuine.


PS. This letter was suppose to be published a year ago.

PPS. This goes out to the boy who never knew.

The IN and The OUT.

Today, our class took a short detour around the library of Berkeley seeing the in and out of everything. I have learn to appreciate our school more and more as I discover the hidden beauty within our campus. Like people always said, “don’t judge a book by its cover” thus I’ve realized that the simplest of everything doesn’t mean it has no story. You just got to learn to fully understand and analyze it, to figure out its true beauty. Just like writing. 

anonymous asked:

ok omg I know this isn't the place, but my BFF who I didn't want to look at my personal/nsfw blog is following. but my ex and I sort of had a weird break up and we're also best friends? and we had a lot of loose ends. but tonight we were talking and he's like "ok I'm going on a mission , but. ok after all this I really think we should resolve this" and I was like "well our last kiss sucked" and he was like "give me a time and place and I'll be there" omfg and I am like?? idk man it's crazy

whoa thats a crazy ride thanks for sharing!! just watch, everything falls into place eventually. just see what happens. if it’s bad, you learn from it. if it’s good, you learn from it.