Today I learned that yesterday’s plane crash took the life of someone I knew. It has been on my mind the whole day.

I met her last year around this time, we sung together. She was such a beautiful girl, inside and out. I’ve heard only good things about her from other people.

We made plans to cover TaeTiSeo - Love Sick together. It makes me sad that I am not going to have the chance to sing with you anymore. That I wouldn’t be able to hear you sing again, that I will never see you dance again.

Your life was one that had yet to be lived. And it saddens me to the core that it has been taken away from you so cruelly. It wasn’t you time yet, it was no ones time yet.

Yet another example of how far the wrath and greed of humanity has become.

I hope you all have found peace. R.I.P. dear Minh, your mother, little brother and all the people who boarded MH17.