July 06-09, 2010

So it’s been a while Tumblr. Sorry, summer school started that’s why. UGH.

So I spent my last day of summer sorta, with Nicole. I walked to her house and we walked all the way to Boba Time. and we just chilled there and thought of what to do. While we got to talk and stuff. We walked to Lake Street and just chilled there and be creepers and stare at guys while they played basketball. Well it was mostly Nicole. Omfg, so we both thought a guy was cute but they were different guys. So like we kept asking people if they knew who they were and they only knew the guy I thought was cute so frkn Nicole busted a mission just to figure out the other guy’s name. So we saw her friends there and he straight up went up to him and asked for his name AND number. FRKN HILARIOUS. But yeah, we left and Nicole’s guy ended up being a little perv so fail. Went HOME. d: And I couldn’t sleep. Only had three hours of sleep.

First day of summer school! First period with Jawstin, Miggy, Patty, Jem, and Corey! We got Ms. Scheri for US. lol! She’s funny but omfg lately she/he has been being such a bitch. IT, lol! Yelled at my face. WUHT A TRIIICK. (; But whatev. Yeah, my second period is English 9A. Omfg, I have chill asian teacher. I’m like his service student it’s pretty cool. Because the work is so frkn easy. And I’m like the only Asian senior girl in that class. EMBARRASSING. d: Eh, little ghetto kids in that class. I hate it too because they be tryina get at me too. No thanks. lol! So yeah, after school had a long SCO meeting. But it was alright. Hm, after went to Foster’s with Jawstin and walked to the plaza and bused it to Gdale. Apparently there was an earthquake but I didn’t feel it. Yeah, and then he dropped me home.

Thursday! Summer school’s a drag. Oh well. After school, finally got to tell Rae the scandalous story. d: Eh, but yeah. Talked to ‘JIMMY’ most of the day. (: Went with Laurie to the bus stop and then waited at the bus stop with Jawstin. Just to lag to get to LA. Bused it all the way there and I went to Gerald’s house. I got to wash my hair. d: lol. Waited for Nicole, then walked to her house. Got her stuff and went back. Then church! Nice talk with that one foooo. Yay.

Today, Friday. Currently at Rae’s house. She’s making some mac n’ cheese with dinosaur chicken nuggets. Yay! lol. I miss chillin’ with Rae. (: Well yeah, later on STD! It’s gonna be, interesting. Watching Despicable Me with them cool kids. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAYNEE<3 Lalala, I can’t wait to blog about today? (x

Oh yeah, new boy. Hehe. :D