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you said you like pokemon, do you play sun/moon? hawaii pokemon!

Yes, I’ve played Sun (I originally was gonna get Moon but Alolan Vulpix made me choose Sun). I actually only just finished it a couple weeks ago, finding time to play is a but hard sometimes ^^;;

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Name: Alexis

Gender: Woman

Starsign: Cancer

Height: 5′9″

Sexual orientation: Lesbian

Favourite color: Green 

Favourite color to paint the walls: Whatever the landlord is okay with ._.

Favourite color of lipstick: N/A

Favourite animal: Mouse/Rat  

Time right now: 1337

Cat or dog person: Both

Favourite fictional character: Samus Aran

Number of blankets I sleep with: Two

Favourite singer/band: Carpenter Brut

Dream trip: Pripyat, Ukraine

Dream job: Licensed Practicing Counselor

When was this blog created: 0638 08 NOV 2012

What made you decide to make a tumblr: I wanted an easier way to track several MLP ask blogs.

Why did you pick your url: Radioactive graphite on the Soviet Union TLD?  Should be fairly obvious there, chum.  If you mean my username, well…it just seemed cool at the time.

Last song you listened to: Paradise Warfare

Last book you read: Do textbooks count?

Last thing you ate: Boneless buffalo chicken wings

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Standing atop a mountain of dead TWERFs.  Kinda like Doomguy, y’know?

What time would you travel to: Whenever conservatism has been eliminated.

I tag: @rose-and-mallet @mithril-mercenary 

Uber aims to put more deaf drivers on the roads
The company is joining with a nonprofit group to tackle the deaf unemployment ‘crisis.’
By https://www.facebook.com/faizfaizfaizfaizfaiz

Yes, Deaf/HOH people can drive. It not that difficult actually and we are more safe drivers than hearing people. We don’t need cellphones, radios, to distract us on the road. We pay attention 110% and most of us has really amazing vision (thanks peripheral). So honestly, we aren’t ‘scary’ and we don’t bite. We are friendly people. Lets get you safely to your destination. 

(Now to figure out how to get this article to get “Hearing impaired” out of there and put “Deaf/HOH”)