A bit more slow progress on panel 0638 redraw. My camera is awful. I think I am done scrapping my fingers against the concrete for tonight. My momma has taken up background duty, After this, I might chalk that panel of the medical janitorial folder.


This is all I could accomplish this weekend. Next week, I will finish her and try to fix colors and proportions. My sister took up jellyfish duty.

Ava has been taped off to be covered with plastic to protect her from the elements.

*please share*
If anybody has seen Adam Kanate please call 807 469 1081 or missing persons toll free number in Thunder Bay. 807 384-1200 or 1 800-222-TIPS. He was last heard of last night (March 20)at 12:17am eastern time at the OLG Thunder Bay casino. Other contacts to reach
Nora n Colin kanate 807-469-1041/807-737-6025/212-1680
Dinah Kanate 807-738-0638 I think
Grace Matawapit 807-212-7117 #thunderbay #missingperson

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Uber aims to put more deaf drivers on the roads
The company is joining with a nonprofit group to tackle the deaf unemployment ‘crisis.’
By https://www.facebook.com/faizfaizfaizfaizfaiz

Yes, Deaf/HOH people can drive. It not that difficult actually and we are more safe drivers than hearing people. We don’t need cellphones, radios, to distract us on the road. We pay attention 110% and most of us has really amazing vision (thanks peripheral). So honestly, we aren’t ‘scary’ and we don’t bite. We are friendly people. Lets get you safely to your destination. 

(Now to figure out how to get this article to get “Hearing impaired” out of there and put “Deaf/HOH”)