BIGBANG subbed videos.

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Do you have subbed videos of bigbang?

Hi :)

Sadly almost all links are dead now because of suspended accounts but you can still check the following sites for subbed videos: Su’s list, BBarchive (not updated because of the lazy ME!), Prdarsktar list, theREALiVIPSUBS, HQBB and BBVIPCHANNEL. YGBB also have a good number of subbed videos but sadly the forum is already down :(

These are on the top of my head right now. And you just gave me an idea to make a compilation list of all Bigbang sites :)) but well in years time lol

GD's release schedule

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thank you! do you know what will happen the Sept.18? I don’t get it :o

You’re welcome :)

The release of the album is on 15th but only for digital releases like iTunes, YG-music, Melon, Dosirak, Soribada and other Korean online music stores. As for the 18th it is the release of the physical CD ^^

[Info] Big Bang - Blue Music Video

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I only know this, it’s a tweet from SBS so yeah bbspazz.tumblr.com/post…

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They’re releasing it tomorrow :))..they’re releasing the music video through strong heart :)

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After tonight’s Srong Heart Episode which is about 12AM KST I think?

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The only thing I know is that tomorrow is released a teaser. I’m not sure if is MV Teaser or another teaser of the song. :)

 sunkists answered your questionPlease help this little lost VIP. When is the released of Blue MV?

tuesday on strong heart me thinks


Thank you so much guys! ♥ It is really hard losing track of the updates :D

So the released of the full MV is later today or early tomorrow because well it is 12KST. And it is according to the SBS PD.

According to the past released schedule the preview will be released and not the full MV so it is really confusing on who to believe lol but I am sure that we will know it later :)

Answered questions for ALT FINAL and WORLD TOUR DVD


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Holy shit! I really want one and I don’t know which to choose! I also don’t know how much it costs either -_______-

The Japanese version is 10,000 yen (around $99.5 USD). The Korean versions are 39,000 krw each (around $39.99 USD).

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you think its better to buy the alive tour dvd (final ib seoul+world tour)?

Well this will really depends on you. I mean it depends on whether you love BTS as much as I do or you love freebies as much as I do too lol (reason why I bought all bec. I can’t choose). But all in all I can say that I will choose the WORLD TOUR DVD because it focus more on BTS unlike ALIVE FINAL that focuses on the concert itself. If you are thinking of getting the Japanese version then I would gladly send you the english subtitles from both Korean versions ^^

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Unnie, i want all those but i dont have visa card to pay. Wat should i do?

Hmmm… where are you from? If you are from the Philippines then I could help you but if not let me know from where you are so I can look for fans doing bulk orders in your country :)

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Thank you for all you do for this fandom. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I love you.

well I am not sure if everyone loves me lol But thank you so much because messages like this is what keeps me motivated :) And after all everything I do is for everyone of you as this my sign of THANK YOU for tolerating my insanity and not getting tired of following me XD

Thank you so much! Now I have things to do for the 3 days of Big Show lol

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You can try The Moon Embraces The Sun or Shut Up! Flower Boy. But both drama is still airing. It is really good at least for me =)

I am actually waiting for the full episodes subs for TMTETS :D 
I hate watching dramas that it is not yet done subbing because I
have a little patience in waiting for it every week :P Shut Up! Flower Boy is also in my list because of L =))

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the moon that embraces the sun and padam padam!^^

Oh yes! Here comes the queen of drama suggestion XD 
I think I really should start with TMTETS ahahaha I remember seeing
Padam Padam when it is still airing and have it bookmarked but I
completely forgot about it :))

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gaemerkyu.tumblr.com/po… … Not a drama- but you won’t regret watching it. :)

OMG. I already downloaded this movie but sadly I haven't watch it 
yet because I can't find the subs :D I'll be redownloading this one
^^ I like the Jdrama version of this :P

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What’s Up! It’s got Daesung in it too Bamn =D haha I really liked it

Sadly I am still waiting for BBU and BBVIPCHANNEL to post the 
episodes until 11 and I'll use the other subtitle from the other
fansubs. I am the type who always sticks to one fansubber from
the start to finish but incidents like this made me forced to switch :(

itsmickeytop answered your questionAnything to watch?

The moon that embraces the sun or Padam Padam.! ^__^

TMETS is having too many votes! Padam Padam is a much watch for 
me too because of Kim Bum even though he is not my bias in F4 :))

thepursuitofhappylife answered your questionAnything to watch?

DEFINETELY THE MOON EMBRACES THE SUN!! hahaha.. shut up flower boy band also on my list. i love byung hee’s character. oh! almost forgot.. flower boy ramyun shop also recommended.. very refreshing and funny!!

LOL TMTETS is having a landslide vote now XD But I will probably 
wait for WithS2 to finish subbing the drama because I really don't
like the quality from DS :/ I must find out who is that BYUNG HEE! >:D
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is sitting in my drive for months now :|
I can't watch it without squealing and blushing everytime I see
Il Woo lol I keep pausing and just admire his gorgeous looks :))

descend-separating-the-clouds answered your questionAnything to watch?

Moon embracing the sun.

Yay! Another vote for TMTETS! ♥

jyouzebin answered your questionAnything to watch?

The Moon Embraces The Sun!!its sooooo good..and Shut Up! Flower Boy is ok too.. i stop watching SUFB after the 2nd ep tho..but BYUNGHEE

I really must find who is that Byung Hee now :)) It looks like everyone is loving him XD

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lol your like me im freakin addicted atm theres and ongoing drama the moon that embraces the sun

Oh yes. I can do a marathon for a drama and usually watch the whole 
series in 2 days for 16-24 episodes :))

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Iris is really good! TOP is in it too! but yes, this drama is my new love :)

DONE! Ahahaha I've watched this when it is still airing well first 
because of TOP too but I also love Byung Hun and Tae Hee's
acting :D I am also done with Iris: Athena :)) If you haven't seen
the movie version then you must because you will see the different ending ^^

Thank you for all the suggestions! I must start downloading series that I don’t have yet :P

I’ll be doing marathon to escape from the Big Show spazzing XD


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I love Shinhwa. I really need to catch up on all the Shinhwa broadcast episodes. They’re such an amazing band. We have the same biases, I’m comfliced between Eric and Hye Sung as well. At times Jun Jin creeps up there too lol

Just finished their X-files and I must say that Jun Jin is worth being a bias ruiner ♥ They did a hidden cam with him with thugs ruining the interview then Jinnie protected the girl who is interviewing them ♥o♥ Then in another X-file he did a 10m jump from a stunt car. OH MY GOD. We really both have the same bias list :))

They are like GD - Dae then TOP for me. GD and Eric are both leader, Dae and Hyesung are both with sweet voice while Jinnie is a dancing machine and Tabi… you know what I mean LOL

I don't believe you guys! :))

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pretty as always ♥

Of course! You are my little sister so where will you get your
prettiness? =)) Thank you dongsaeng~ ♥ See you on October! XD

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don’t bite me or hate me, but i do wanna steal your outfit >.< (you hid your charm sweetie *even tho this one is pretty too ;)* why don’t use your Skype DP? ;) guys she’s pretyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *jelly*

Ah~ I love baggy outfits XD Everyone always told me that I looked like a hanger wearing those big clothes but it is so comfortable ;_;

You mean this?

Ahahaha I already forgot what I used for my Skype :/ Let them be the judge! :))

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Ahem. Look who’s talking! :)) We need to see each other on September! Let’s go to SG :))

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You look nice. :)

Awww~ Thank you dongsaeng ^^ Well this is such an honor coming from a guy lol

Okei guys, sorry for scaring you again :)) But I promise that I will post some gifs tomorrow once I’m done installing all my fangirling softwares XD

I’ll be back in full force tomorrow! So get ready~ ^^

Anyone who has these videos that is subbed by THEREALiVIPSUBS?

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I downloaded almost all of their videos except:

  • 100307 - 1st School Attack
  • Park JunHyung’s FM radio
  • Bangkok Seoul Interview Part 1 & 2 (I have the 67.2MB)
  • MBC Music Core MC Big Bang cut
  • MNet Star Watch 24
  • Nii CF Shooting KBS Interview
  • SBS Love Concert
  • Seungri’s Sonagi Musical Interview

I only bookmarked them as I focused on downloading the links with expiration date. I didn’t expect that their forum will be gone ;_; I really regret not downloading completely all of their videos T_T


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omo.. how I wish i can go to the philippines.. will you still sell next year? haha I think I’m going home next year

As long as there are people who needs my help then I will always be around :) I know how hard it is to import stuffs from different countries :/ So I will try my best to help those people who wants to support their biases LEGALLY and complete their collection XD

If ever you are already here then just let me know so we can meet XD

I actually want to help those VIPs outside Philippines too but shipping of items is really expensive D: But if anyone here needs help in buying stuffs you know that my ask box is always open :)

2 unfollowers and counting.

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calm down gurl, tho i totally agree with you. we don’t wanna sound so bitchy and miss-know-it-all-about-bigbang but it’s really frustrated when someone claiming to be their fan yet doesn’t even know what is real or just a rumor about our boys =.=

lol I am calm girl :))

I tried to write that post as positive as I can be so that I will not sound so rude. But it really irks me when they claim something that is not true to be true and of course people who didn’t knew the truth will believed whatever they say and that will cause misunderstanding not only between the fans but also for Big Bang.

Well I always write whatever I want because that makes me breathe peacefully lol but I know that I will feel so bad when the blog owner read what I wrote :/ I don’t regret though.