11th grade

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This post is going to be pretttty detailed. I’m going to try my absolute best to try to remember anything that has happened. This post is going to pretty much 95% completely honest and if something happened between us and you want to know how I feel about it but don’t want to ask, then read this. LOLI most like wrote about it. If not well… oops.

I’m going to try to write everything that happened this year. From crushes to actual things to drama to other stuff.

Please don’t take into offense of anything in here… I don’t mean to bash anyone it’s just mainly me feeling stupid. LOL.. so yeah….\

By the way, I’m using NON OBVIOUS code names. You can’t tell who I’m talking about at all, nope.

Here we go, let’s go on a long adventure for my junior year. :) This is going to be long af, good luck for your stamina and enjoy.

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