So today...



But before I go and talk about that, I had a ridiculous morning loool. So my friend Rachita calls around 11:30am (that’s early for me okay) and I answer and she’s like dying zomg. Apparently there’s a roach that was crawling around on her walls and she was chasing it around her room LOL She finally sprayed the roach spray and it was on her window sill. And she’s like frantically asking me what she should do.. so I tell her the obvious, to go and grab some toilet paper so she can flush the roach down the toilet LOL she decides that toilet paper isn’t enough, and she needs more protection so she uses FOUR PAPER TOWELS instead. Ten minutes goes by of me motivating her to just flush it down and instead she goes and grabs ANOTHER paper towel LOL another ten minutes passes by and she finally gets enough courage to grab the roach and flush it down the toilet. LOL PLOT TWIST: The toilet clogs. BAHAHAHAA sakdjskc dude I was dying of laughter okay LOL so she’s like cursing everywhere and it’s just hilarious, I wish I could’ve been there and videoed the whole thing. You all would’ve died laughing. Anyways, I told her to just use a plunger and of course she doesn’t have one.. like idk how she lives without a plunger LOL She drives all the way to my house just to borrow our plunger. I’m about to put the plunger in her car when I see ANOTHER ROACH ZOMG I WAS DYING OF LAUGHTER ahahaha sldkfjclksd she leaps out of her car without even turning it off and she’s like just going insane and I’m like ugh dude calm down LOL She makes me get the roach of out her car (luckily it was already dead) and she makes me and my friend come to her house for company when she tries to unclog her toilet. xD Finally we unclog it so she cooks us breakfast since we helped her xD Eggs and a bagel and peach tea mmmmmm it was yummy c’: So she drives us back home and we get ready for the concert. I had a hard time deciding what to wear (ugh kdjfds I NEED to go shopping) but yeah anyways. My other friend picks us up and we’re on our way to the concert. I get a text from my friend earlier with the roach problem, and she tells me that her toilet clogged AGAIN. Zomg loool I felt so bad for her, her dad was going to call a plumber and everything but after a while they unclogged it cx Okay so me and my two friends are waling towards the Amway Center and there are fifty million girls surrounding the building. It was intense. All of a sudden we hear PIERCING SCREAMS and everyone rushes even closer to the building and we’re like zomg what happened and of course we follow the crowd ahahaha I still don’t know what happened but probably they saw a member of 1D inside or something idk. Another one of my friends texted me and she was saying how she got there around 4pm and saw their tour bus sdjfklsdjfldskjfdskl I was like FML WE SHOULD’VE CAME EARLIER LOL (we got there around 7ish I think? or 6:30ish idr) but yeah we waited in line for like half an hour and finally got to the doors. We walk to the floor (we had floor seats oh yeaaaaaaaaah XD) and we’re like so confused on where to sit.. I had to buy all ofour tickets separately so we could get good seats and I wasn’t sure if the seating actually mattered or not so we just took a chance and chose some random seats. Some lady caught us (LOL) because some other girls wanted help finding their seats. She said a lot of people had the same problem as us but since the concert was sold out we couldn’t just sit anywhere so she helped us find our correct seats. (sucked because we all say in different places) So finally the concert starts and it’s some random opening act that I’ve never heard of.. her name was Manika? LOL honestly I didn’t think she was that great.. she reminded me of a black Hannah Montana.. idek if she was black or asian idk but yeah her voice gave me a headache lol It was so awkward watching her perform. The next opening act was Olly Murs :D I actually stood up for him (basically everyone was) and I’ve never actually listened to his music before but he’s really good c: I liked his rendition of Superstitious and got some of that on video cx okay so after that, there was a break (there was another break before, and I didn’t know what was happening.. This was my first concert ever and I never knew there were breaks in between loooool) and one of my friends came and visited me xD We walked over to our other friend to see how she was doing. We hung out for a while and decided that we would meet up during the concert and enjoy it together. (we heard a lot of people were going to do that, and also people were going to rush up closer to the stage) We sat back down and I ended up sitting next to one of them since she was only a few rows behind me and there was an empty seat! FINALLY the concert started and all you can hear are LOUD SCREAMS from everyone zomg they go on stage and they opened with Na Na Na! It was amazing zomg I was screaming my head off, and there were people crying and I’m just jumping everywhere ahahah it was so much fun c: I recorded my favorite songs on my phone and took pictures! Even though we were on the floor, it was a bit far (at least now I know the layout of the place..) and I could barely see them because there were a lot of tall people LOL but I still enjoyed the concert and it was amazing. After the concert my ears were ringing and everyone sounded weird and I could barely talk ahahaha goooood times! My favorite part of the concert was when Liam announced they were going to slow it down a bit, and he asked all of us to wave our phones in the air. They sang Moments and I was looking at the crowd.. the whole arena was lighted up and it was INCREDIBLE. It looked like I was looking at stars in the night sky or something c: I took a video of it so enjoy! c: You can check out my other videos HERE (don’t judge my username okay I made it a long time ago) even though I’m sure you can find better ones that are more up close! 


zomg so I forgot to add:

Niall called us sexy three times. LOL. 

Liam said Orlando was his favorite place in the world.

I caught Harry’s hairflip on video zomg.

Harry changed the words in the second chorus of Gotta Be You to “I love chicken soup” LOL

Lou’s solo cover of Valerie was amazing.

Zayn’s high notes were perfect.