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Mitternachtsspitzen - 06.10.2012 - HQ

Mitternachtsspitzen vom 06. Oktober 2012, Polit-Kabarett mit Jürgen Becker, Wilfried Schmickler (Uli aus Deppendorf) und Uwe Lyko (Herbert Knebel), diesmal zu Gast sind Claus von Wagner, Matthias Eggersdörfer und Matthias Deutschmann. Aus der Serie Unterschätze Paare der Weltgeschichte heute “Angela Merkel und Helmut Schmidt”
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06.10.2012 - Movie!

Today, I went to Berkeley to hang out with Asaki! Hadn’t seen her in 2 months so that was exciting =D I got off at the wrong stop though LOL I always get off at dt berkeley when I’m not supposed to =_=’ And on the way back, I almost missed my train because I went to the wrong platform when I didn’t need to and stuff @_@

We watched GANTZ and BECK!! GANTZ was pretty good except for the fact that it was hella bloody and gory X[ BECK was frustrating because we couldn’t hear Takechan’s singing >=O Fucking….>=[ But they were both interesting.

We ate ALL! the food while watching though. Tonkatsu, honeydew, pretzels, oreo, and maccha purin =] Hehe…

Overall though, it was really fun! Didn’t even need to do any catching up. Hehe, what I like about being with Asaki. Don’t gotta stress or think about anything too much. Can just be myself teeeheeee.

Whatever =P ANYWAY, I gotta study for the written test for my permit. Taking the test Wednesday, but hanging out with Whitney and people on Tuesday so…I only have tomorrow to study. HAHAHA =P Hopefully I won’t fail. 

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day! =]

Day four.

day 4: how you think your life would change if you achieved your dream

I think this is something quite hard for me to answer. If you had asked me this a little while ago, my dream would have been nothing possitive. If you had asked me not to long ago, I would’ve said that my dream was to be truly happy. But if you ask me this now, i’m not sure anymore. I think that being “happy” is a lot more then just telling yourself to be “happy”. It’s a very broad term, and happiness isn’t always apparent. I’m not sure what my dream is, so I really cannot answer this…