CALL TO ACTION - #RaiseTheAge New York

New York is one of 2 states that allow 16 & 17 year olds to be tried as adults. WE MUST ACTION NOW

Join Justice League NYC in protecting the rights of our youth & demand that NYS raise the age of when a person may be tried as an adult to 18!

Call NYS Majority Leader John Flanagan today & tell him you support the demand to #RaiseTheAge to 18!

A vontade de querer

Quero você do jeito que me apareceu, largado do jeito que estava, na paz que aparentava, o olhar que me seguia… Quero você do seu jeito louco, aventureiro, ‘do mundo’. Quero você agora, amanhã, depois e daqui pra frente. Quero te ter em meu corpo, nas minhas mãos, nos meus lábios, nas minhas pernas e nos meus dias. Eu quero você em mim por inteiro.

Quero você nas minhas manhãs e nas minhas noites. Quero escrever pra você frases clichês ou pensamentos confusos. Quero ouvir sua voz e tentar ler cada palavra tua. Quero poder aconchegar minha cabeça no teu peito e dormir. Quero rir com você da vida. Quero chorar e ter você como consolo. Quero brigar contigo e depois cair na cama fazendo a melhor reconciliação que existe. 

Eu quero. Eu te quero. Eu quero você.

Quero você desvendando minhas manias, percebendo o que me faz rir, sabendo o meu  gosto. É isso que me prende tanto a você e me faz garantir que a distância é mínima.

A vontade de querer.



FRI JUN 5 - 5:00 PM

2152 N Broad Street

2152 N Broad Street

They Say They Gonna Build
The boundary between campus and community has never been clear, but North Philadelphians have always been building. Join History Truck this June to explore the history of university expansion and community building in the spaces and places of North Philly closest to Temple University. Does the boundary even matter? How should North Philly build its future?

Opening Reception
Friday, June 5, 2015. 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Closing Reception
Saturday, June 27, 2015. 4:00-6:00 p.m.
Gallery Hours: Saturdays 12-5 p.m. or by appointment
E-mail: phillyhistorytruck@gmail.com

Supernatural 06.05 Live Free or Twihard

I have never seen Twilight, or read it, but I am guessing this is somehow making fun of it. I did see the Riff Trax preview.

Why have I never seen a picture of Dean with fake vamp teeth and glitter?

This vampire really wants Dean. I wish I could blame him,

Screw. You. Samuel.

Dean puts on jackets - FABULOUSLY!

Best Panic! concert ever

we got

  • three awesome covers: Nelly “It’s gettin hot in here” ; John Mayer “Your Body is a wonderland”; The Smiths “How soon is now”
  • a very, veery enthusiastic, happy, funny and hot Brendon
  • a very nerdy Ian
  • “New Perspective” as a fullfilled song request
  • the compliment that we were the crowd dancing more than all others before (though he might say that every night over and over again xD)
  • the word “awesome” like 100 times
  • a peeking Dallon in the tourbus (I was watching him watching us fans I guess)



After a few messages with other Shadowhunters (HI!) I think that the woman with her back to us is Tatiana Blackthorn.

Look at her description in Clockwork Princess:

She was a narrow, angular girl. Her hair was sandy like Gideon’s, her eyes green like Gabriel’s, and she might have been pretty had her face not borne the lines of pinched disapproval.

The hair colour certainly matches and the boy/man on the left has the same colouring and so he could be her son Jesse.

I just finished Breakable by Tammara Webber and it was so freaking good! I had been looking forward to this book for close to two years and now I am so happy and relieved that it was just as amazing as Easy, strike that, it was even better than Easy.
It exceeded my expectations and I AM JUST SO HAPPY AND I NEED MORE!

Contours of the Heart is with a doubt my number one New Adult book series and probably one of the best NA series since the genre was created. EVERYONE SHOULD READ THESE BOOKS!

I will leave now to swoon over Lucas and hug my books.

CoLS Twitter Release Party!

City of Lost Souls will finally be released in two days and to show how much we all appreciate Cassie, Katie from MundieMoms, Jeremy from Novel Thoughts and a few other blogs came up with this idea.

We all want to surprise Cassie so please help us and tweet

Twitter Release Party | Cassandra Clare’s City of Lost Souls| Out TODAY! | #CoLSParty @CassieClare

At 10 am EST/ 9 am CST / 8 am MTN / 7 am PST. The European times are ¾ pm. TMI Source also wrote a short article about this event. Thank you and have a happy release day!

richardegansey asked:

By the way your Sizzy headcanon is also mine. Ever since someone suggested that Simon could somehow get un-vampired and ascend and marry Isabelle I was like WELL THAT'S IT NOW THIS WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IF IT COHF TURNS OUT ANY OTHER WAY I'LL BE CRUSHED

I NEED THEM TO BECOME CANON AND SURVIVE! *sobs and clutches her Sizzy CoLS copy*

Especially after the new snippets.

anonymous asked:

we know there's a gay main character in tlh, and an ~interesting~ love triangle, right? my bet is that charlotte & henry's kid (can't remember his name atm) is gay or bi, because honestly i just cannot imagine any son of will herondale's NOT being a ladies' man

I don’t think the gay main character will be in TLH. Look here:

“You were talking about writing a story after TDA with gay protagonists, and I know that you can’t spoil anything (if you even have much plotted to spoil), but A. Do we know either of the protagonists? B. Are they both girls, both guys, or one of each (which would be a bit awkward)?
— livepastyourlies”

— 1) Two guys.

2) You don’t know either of them yet.

There is still Cassie’s secret Shadowhunter series to consider which will be set after TDA/2012.

But I could be wrong, too :)