06 07 2013

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Can u elaborate on bill gtes capitilist patriarchy banking on the poor i dont know much but i thought he was helping to brind education to the masses and helping to relieve of malarial diseases in africa and other third world countries and

The Bill and Melinda Gates is a self dealing PR vehicle. Warren Buffet realized it was such a good scam that he donated a ton of money to get in on the action  http://newsjunkiepost.com/2013/06/07/bill-gates-big-pharma-bogus-philanthropy/

The Once Upon A Time(line) Theory

UPDATE (06/23/2015): I tweeted this to Adam Horowitz and he replied that it seemed “VERY accurate” at first glance. So thank you, Adam! (Picture at the end of the post!)

For years, fans of “Once Upon A Time” have been trying to figure out that tricky little present day timeline. Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis have roughly estimated us to be in early 2013 by season 4′s first half, and in-show evidence weakly hints that while only six weeks have passed between the two halves of season 4, mid 2013 in 4B is now early 2014 (the only evidence for that being a missing poster for the Blue Fairy dating her last known sighting as November 2013, which being only one piece of evidence and something that was meant to be background dressing and not an actual focal point, will be counted as inaccurate). Below the jump is a fairly accurate review of the timeline.

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