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Walter E. Disney by Mike Christoferson
Via Flickr:
Walter E. Disney Train at Fantasyland Station, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Spring cleaning your all-white kitchen? Check out these insider tips:

1️⃣ Remove tea and coffee stains from ceramic cups by filling them with warm water and dropping in a denture-cleaning tablet 😬 2️⃣ Boil lemon slices in a pot of water, and let your linens and cloth napkins soak for an hour to whiten them brand new 🍋👌🏻 3️⃣ White tile with white grout giving you nightmares? Baking soda with a touch of vinegar is an environmentally healthy alternative to cleaners that may scratch or damage 💕

Image via @betterhomesandgardens #kathykuohome #interiordesign #kitchen #inspiration by kathykuohome

akari-n  asked:

fun fact on that 'death note live action' post you reblogged earlier (in response to tags on it): death note already has a live action. three films in '06, '06, and '08, a miniseries in '16, a tv drama in '15, a musical in 15, and another movie in '16. all done before this netflix one

Oh yeah, I completely forgot that was a thing…

They were all made in Japan tho, right? Which means even if they’re bad, all of them are better than the shit Netflix is making.