05x04: a katy or a gaga

I just realized the parallels between Marley with the Katy Perry costume and Artie with the Men of McKinley calendar stories and what the difference was, essentially Finn versus Schue as the leader at the time.  With Artie, Finn was understand and willing to rally for him and what made him feel comfortable.  This is a stark contrast to what we had last night with Schue.  He pushed Marley to do what she was not comfortable with and then proceeded to suspend her when she didn’t follow his directions.  

Really hit me how much I missed having Finn in that role, the glee club’s leader and ally, when I realized that.      

I like how Will accuses Marley of putting her personal problems and her feelings ahead of the performance


Will, can I remind you exactly WHY you wanted to do Rocky Horror in the first place? Or why you decided to let the kids do Britney at the school assembly as long as you could join in?

You’re a fucking hypocrite Will Schuester, get the hell out of here with that shit.