05x01: love love love

‘Here’s Jin-hyung, who loves me a lot. I love you too, hyung. So hurry over here so we can eat.. hehe’

Jin: I love you
Jungkook: What is this suddenly hehe
Jungkook: I made fod  
Jungkook: food    (he misspelled (typo) ‘bap’ which means food and then corrects it)
Jin: As I thought
Jin: I love you

throwback!  140814    Never forget 😂

I Fucking Love Reylo.

I love Kylo Ren. I love that even though he’s been targeted, tortured, manipulated, and neglected since birth he still holds light inside of him. I love that his mistakes force him (through deserved suffering) to realize that light can’t be extinguished, it must be embraced. I love that his mother won’t give up on him; that she acknowledges he fucked up repeatedly but realizes the snowball effect of childhood trauma that led him down the dark path. I love the message of a damaged person who’s wronged others can still change and become a better person that affects others positively. I love Rey. I love that even though she’s been completely abandoned by her family, she still develops her own morals and evolved into a compassionate, brave, resourceful woman. I love that even though her sudden development of Force abilities and the realization that she could help save the galaxy terrify her, she decides that her mission is bigger than waiting around for those who left her. That she’s important on her own, regardless of her abandonment. I love that their compassion for each other could save them both. I love that they both seek belonging, and that they can find it in each other as they grow. I love that Rey could inspire Ben to redeem himself, to change and accept responsibility for his actions; that she could teach him how to embrace his light despite his past. I love that Ben could give Rey understanding and support, that he could strengthen her light and help harness her darkness. I love that they share a connection of scarred childhoods, but that together they could change their futures. I love that their path won’t be easy, but that they can find balance together. And I love this Reylo family. I love the meta, the fanfics, the art, the memes, and the support we give one another. I wouldn’t trade this fandom for anything.

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Nakahara Chuuya/ Cyuya/Chuoya/Hat Rack/Mr. Fancy Hat/Slug/Chibi Mafia/Beauty/Perfection

Tumblr and Twitter are full of Chuuya’s photos today! My heart is more than happy ^_^

As I have said before, my daily wish is for Chuuya to get all the happiness he deserves, be it in canon or in fanfictions, and may it involve Dazai or not. As much as I love Soukoku, I believe it is also good to look at Chuuya in a way that there is more to him than just his relationship with Dazai. He is an amazing and lovable character by himself. I’m looking forward to his own back story in the movie! And OMG, I do hope he gets valuable screen time in Kunikida’s upcoming OVA.

Chuuya absolutely looks good all the time, but these are my favorites:

My Favorite Anime Screenshot

My Favorite Drawing from the Manga

My Favorite Official Art Drawing

Hottest Photo

Cutest Pic/GIF

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The point of the song is, you know, that we are fairly well damaged by the legacy of the Romantic poets – that we think of love as this, you know, thing that is accompanied by strings and it’s a force for good, and if something bad happens then that’s not love. And the therapeutic tradition that I come from – I used to work in therapy – you know, also says that it’s not love if it feels bad. I don’t know so much about that. I don’t know that the Greeks weren’t right. I think they were – that love can eat a path through everything – that it will destroy a lot of things on the way to its own objective, which is just its expression of itself, you know. I mean, my stepfather loved his family, right? Now he mistreated us terribly quite often, but he loved us. And, you know, well, that to me is something worth commenting on in the hopes of undoing a lot of what I perceive as terrible damage in the way people talk about this – love is this benign, comfortable force. It’s not that. It’s wild, you know?
—  John Darnielle, about Love Love Love