the warmest snow

Pairing: Reader x Im Jaebum (Got7)
Theme/Genre: fluff
Word Count: 0.05k

as requested by @katbeom

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you hate the snow. you hate the cold. you hate way the cold covers everything in a thick white blanket and makes the world look dead. you hate the way the cold makes everything feel heavy, from the layers on layers of clothes you have to wear, to the food you eat to find comfort and warmth. but you’ve lived in the treacherous winters of minnesota for the last two years. you’d move away, but jaebum makes it less miserable. he’s your boyfriend. of two years. and he thinks it absolutely adorable that the snow is your mortal enemy.

today it’s snowing again. he takes you play in the snow. and he proposes. now you like the snow. the end. oh yeah, and he loves you. end.

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