dolar günü 2,2587 tl, euro 3,0576 tl"den kapattı

serbest piyasada gün sonu itibarıyla 2,258 tl’den alınan dolar 2,2587 tl’den satılırken, 3,0574 tl’den alınan euro’nun satış fiyatı ise 3,0576 tl olarak gerçekleşiyor. euro-dolar paritesi 1,3537 seviyesinde. İstanbul serbest piyasasında işlem gören dolar,…

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Flashback: Madonna Reminds Us of Her 1985 Wedding to Sean Penn Ahead of Her Birthday

Madonna’s birthday is just around the corner, and the pop culture icon is taking a second to reflect on the past.

Before she turns 57 on Sunday, the entertainer posted a throwback photo of Sean Penn – whose birthday happens to fall one day after Madonna’s – lovingly kissing her cheek.

“Its almost our birthdays!! 2 Leo’s ❤️#rebelhearts,” the singer captioned the black-and-white pic of the former couple, who married on her 27th birthday in 1985.

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It’s a particularly sweet callback to a happier time when the two celebs were together, even though their relationship was rocky at best.

Remember when Madonna dedicated her 1986 album, True Blue, to Penn? In the dedication she wrote, “This is dedicated to my husband, the coolest guy in the universe.” The two divorced in 1989.

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But there’s no bad blood here between Madonna and Penn, who turns 55.

“I’m very friendly with my first ex-wife,” Penn said in a January interview with Esquire U.K.

Madonna’s teenage son Rocco even channeled Penn’s character, Jeff Spicoli, from 1982’s The Fast Times at Ridgemont High in 2014 which she proudly showed to the world. “Jeff Spicoli is alive and well in the South of France! #boom #fuzzy,” she captioned the candid moment.

As we count down the days to the Material Girl’s 57th, here’s hoping she makes a splash like she did last year!

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Scammer Alert!

Be aware of Nate from Buptown and Jacob from Amityvil

While I was doing something else they came in my town and stole EVERY SINGLE HYBRID I owned, wrecked lots of my bushes, and stole the sets I had placed down around my house. Nate’s friendcode is: 0576-3819-0139, but I don’t have Jacob’s. Please do not trust them!

I’m planning to try and confront Nate when he is online again, and act like nothing happened at first and then talk to him about it.

In the meanwhile, please do not add the two anywhere (online, in forums, in Club Tortimer) because he is not trustworthy in any way.

If anyone has any donations to help me regain any items I had lost please help!

I lost:

28 black roses
16 pink roses
16 purple roses
16 blue roses
8 orange roses
8 jacob ladders
2 purple pansies
5 cedar trees

Weeding/Garden Set
7/11 Set
Gorgeous Set

Anything will help, thanks so much!

Tournament 8/21!

Today’s tournament is now live! Here’s the bracket:

You can stay updated with the bracket live here: http://challonge.com/thebattleblog8_24

Here are the FCs! Please add all challengers from the start, it will save time later. 

Astro: 1435-4580-3143

Trey: 0576-3787-8089

Badger: 1650-2392-9649

Beau: 4570-7132-5301

Lali: 1332-7837-9380

Becca: 5472-7452-5430

A (Admin, me): 0190-0766-1573

Matches may began as soon as both players are ready! Remember that both players must send me an ask with the winner of each match. 

so i had to change my nintendo 3ds settings and in the process ending up losing all my info & friend codes.

so my new friend code is currently 0576 7081 3764

if you reblog this or message me with your friend code i’ll add you.