My mom and I went all the way to Walnut so she can go to the gym and I could go on a date with my girlfriend. My mom planned going to Walnut with me just so I would not get in trouble with my grandparents and so I would have to chance to hang out with my girlfriend. AMAZING. I dropped off my mom at 24HR and then picked up my girlfriend. Then we went all the way to Chino to get dinner at Islands. Stupid GPS made us go in a huge circle -___- I ordered a Big Wave and Nachos so we could share. She made me eat the burger… 2 rounds of fries cause she was craving. She pulls out a coupon for free dessert, I kept stealing icecream off her spoon LOL. So then we got gas and chilled at the parking lot of 24HR. I finally called my mom to come out and they finally met! They did that kiss cheek to cheek thing and I was just like :D while my girlfriend was like >.< cause apparently my mom “doesn’t like her.” But on the way to drop off babe, they were talking and I mentioned marriage LOL and my mom and babe just smiled at me. We finally arrived to babe’s house and they did that kiss cheek to cheek thing but this time with a hug. On the drive home, I asked my mom what she thought about her and she just nods with approval and that special smile she gives me when I did/got something good. That means she likes her!! Yus. After almost 2 years, they finally meet. She didn’t kiss me when I dropped her off btw. She was shy… LOL

Who knew my mom would actually be down to do this for me.