05 23 2014

Every Dan and Phil video in the London Apartment in order

I made a list of every single Dan and Phil video that they have uploaded since they first moved into their, (now old), London apartment. I have left out any YouTube Red videos but have included videos from all 6 channels, (danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, danisnotinteresting, LessAmazingPhil, DanandPhilGAMES and DanandPhilCRAFTS).

If you think the order is wrong or any of the links are incorrect please let me know and I will try to correct it.

(I spent WAY too much time on this but oh well)

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Rainbow Direction WWA Tour pictures masterpost

Guys, here it is, finally, the overview of all your creativity, bravery and pride! We can be proud of what we accomplished!


25/04/2014 Bogota, Colombia

reports x

27/04/2014 Lima, Peru

no submissions

30/04/2014 Santiago, Chile

no participants

01/05/2014 Santiago, Chile

no participants

03/05/2015 Buenos Aires, Argentina

no submissions

04/05/2015 Buenos Aires, Argentina

pictures x | reports x x

06/05/2014 Montevideo, Uruguay

no submissions

08/05/2014 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

no submissions

10/05/2014 Sao Paolo, Brasil

no participants

11/05/2014 Sao Paolo, Brasil

no submissions



23/05/2014 Dublin, Ireland

pictures x x x x | reports x x | videos x

24/05/2014 Dublin, Ireland

pictures x | videos x

25/05/2014 Dublin, Ireland

pictures x | reports x

28/05/2014 Sunderland

pictures x | reports x

30/05/2014 Manchester

no participants

31/05/2014 Manchester

pictures x x x

01/06/2014 Manchester

no submissions

03/06/2014 Edinburgh

no submissions

06/06/2014 London

pictures x | reports x

07/06/2014 London

pictures x x x x | reports x

08/06/2014 London

no submissions



13/06/2014 Stockholm, Sweden

pictures x

14/06/2014 Stockholm, Sweden

pictures x x x x x | reports xx x

16/06/2014 Copenhagen, Denmark

pictures xxxx x x x | reports x xx

17/06/2014 Copenhagen, Denmark

pictures x x | reports x|

20/06/2016 Paris, France

21/06/2016 Paris, France

pictures x x | reports xx

24/06/2014 Amsterdam, Netherlands

no submissions

25/06/2014 Amsterdam, Netherlands

pictures x | reports x xx

28/06/2014 Milan, Italy

pictures x | gifs x | videos x

29/06/2014 Milan, Italy

pictures x x

02/07/2014 Dusseldorf, Germany

pictures x x x x x x x | reports x x x x x | gifs x | videos x x x

04/07/2014 Bern, Switzerland

pictures x | reports x

06/07/2014 Torino, Italy

picturesx x

08/07/2014 Barcelona, Spain

reports x x

10/07/2014 Madrid, Spain

pictures x | reports x

11/07/2014 Madrid, Spain

pictures x x | reports x x x

13/07/2014 Porto, Portugal

no submissions



01/08/2014 Toronto, Canada

pictures x x x x x x x x x | reports x

02/08/2014 Toronto, Canada

pictures x x x x x x

04/08/2014 East Rutherford, New Jersey

no submissions

05/08/2014 East Rutherford, New Jersey

pictures x x

07/08/2014 Foxborough, Massachusetts

pictures x

08/08/2014 Foxborough, Massachusetts

pictures x x x x

09/08/2014 Foxborough, Massachusetts

pictures x x x | reports x

11/08/2014 Washington, District Columbia

pictures x x x x | reports x x

13/08/2014 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

pictures x | reports x

16/08/2014 Detroit, Michigan

reports x

17/08/2014 Detroit, Michigan

pictures x | reports x x x | | gifs x | videos x

19/08/2014 Nashville, Tennessee

pictures x | reports x x |

22/08/2014 Houston, Texas

no submissions

24/08/2014 Dallas, Texas

pictures x x x | reports x

27/08/2014 St. Louis, Missouri

pictures x x x x x | reports x x | videos x

29/08/2014 Chicago, Illinois

pictures x x x x x x x x | reports x x x x x x x| videos x

30/08/2014 Chicago, Illinois

pictures x x x | reports x

11/09/2014 Pasadena, California

pictures x x | reports x x | tweets x

12/09/2014 Pasadena, California

pictures x x x x

13/09/2014 Pasadena, California

pictures x x | reports x

16/09/2014 Phoenix, Arizona

pictures x x x x x x | reports x x x | videos x

19/09/2014 El Paso, Texas

pictures x | reports x

21/09/2014 San Antonio, Texas

pictures x x x | reports x

23/09/2014 Tulsa, Oklahoma

no submissions

25/09/2014 New Orleans, Louisiana

picturesx | reports x x

27/09/2014 Charlotte, North Carolina

pictures x x x

28/09/2014 Charlotte, North Carolina

no submissions

01/10/2014 Atlanta, Georgia

pictures x

03/10/2014 Tampa, Florida

pictures x | reports x

05/10/2014 Miami, Florida

pictures x x

Firsts & Worsts: Andy Karl on meeting Stallone, angry 'Rocky' fans
Every actor has to start somewhere — and when it comes to theater performers, their roots are often similar, right down to the roles they cut their teeth on or the songs they first used at an…

Since Groundhog Day has closed. I’m just going to post random Andy Karl, Groundhog Day, and theater-related things.

Until there’s more news about the awesome reunion concert or London.

Drug War Casualty: Baby Dies in Jail After Mother Was Forced to Give Birth in Solitary

These can’t both be true:

  1. In our society it is morally correct and legal to throw a heavily pregnant woman convicted of nonviolent drug possession into solitary confinement while she is in labor, leave her to conduct most of the delivery alone, and then take her dead newborn away while she remains, still alone, in her cell.
  2. We are trying to build a decent and civilized society.
23/05/2014. Il professore ci ha riconsegnato le verifiche di matematica. 4 1/2. La media rimane comunque 6 tirato. “Siamo in crisi signorina, siamo in crisi.” Occhi tristi, trascino i piedi per tornare al posto. “Signorina” Mi volto. “Signorina siamo in crisi. Come mai?” … “Come mai? Eh come mai?” Testa bassa occhi spenti. “Eeh…” Eeh come spiegare che da un mese penso solo a lui? Come spiegare la gelosia? Come spiegare le lezioni passate a guardare in giro pensando al suo sorriso alla sua voce? Come spiegare le ore, che si era trasformate in giorni e in mesi, passate ad aspettare un suo messaggio o una sua risposta? Come spiegare che per una settimana sembrava che rimanesse a salvarmi? Come spiegare che in quella settimana passavo i pomeriggi a chiedermi perché non se ne fosse andato? Come spiegare le ore a tentare di frenare il cuore e ripetermi che fosse solo un’illusione? Come spiegare la paura di perderlo? Come spiegare l’ansia per un’estate senza vederlo? Come spiegare i pomeriggi passati davanti a quel fottuto specchio per tantare di correggere quella pancia sempre troppo… Troppo? Come spiegare il vuoto che avevo dentro? Come spiegare l’uragano di emozioni che avevo dentro quando c’era lui? Come spiegare i ricordi? E le lacrime? E come spiegare che adesso lui non è qui a salvarmi, che è stato lui ad uccidermi, che alla fine avevo ragione? ERA SOLTANTO UNA FOTTUTA ILLUSIONE. Come spiegarlo? “No è che stavo un po’ male il giorno del compito”. Un’altra fottuta bugia….
Costa Rica extends medical benefits to same-sex couples

Same-sex couples in Costa Rica will soon be able to receive medical benefits through social security, marking a big victory for the momentum of LGBT equality in Latin America.

The board of directors of the country’s social security system, known as the Caja, voted unanimously to extend the benefits on Thursday night. It now has three months to implement a framework to recognize same-sex couples for health insurance and hospital visitation rights.

Costa Rica, a retirement haven for a growing number of U.S. citizens, has not legalized gay marriage or civil unions. A bill on gay civil unions has been pending in the National Assembly for years.

The country’s new president, Luis Guillermo Solis, recently displayed a pride flag above the presidential palace for the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, but he still does not support marriage equality. Baby steps?