05 22 2013

It's been 1 year I met Tom for the 1st time today guys !

One year ago exactly -on the blessed day of wednesday, 22nd of May 2013- I had the pleasure to meet Mr Thomas William Perfect Hiddleston in Paris ! A dream come true that I will never forget. Since this day, I fortunately had the pleasure to meet (I’m putting ‘meet’ because it means I got to talk to him) him another time earlier this year at the stage door for Coriolanus. I also got the chance to see him few other times. But this 1st time was the best memory of them all, mostly because we were alone, and I really got to talk him a bit and he signed me an autograph, and we took some pics. It was simply amazing. I will never forget this blessed day, so thank you Mr Hiddleston -even if you certainly don’t remember me.

anonymous asked:

What is racist about the stereotype that black people love fried chicken? Every culture has certain foods that they love (Asians love rice, Mexicans love beans, etc) It's food! How can it be racist?

It came where watermelon stereotype came from: Birth of a Nation.

Read more about it here:http://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2013/05/22/186087397/where-did-that-fried-chicken-stereotype-come-from

- Jess

And your examples are also racist stereotypes. Have a good day. -Dami