04x20: lights out

Lights Out
Breaking Benjamin
Lights Out

“Now you want to take me down

As if I even care
I am the monster in your head
And I thought you’d learn by now
It seems you haven’t yet
I am the venom in your skin
And now your life
Is broken

After the lights go out on you
After your worthless life is through
I will remember how you scream
I can’t afford to care
I can’t afford to care”

Song : Lights Out
Artist : Breaking Benjamin
Album : Dear Agony (2009)

Lights Out
Lights Out

you are, you are, and you are…
and i am your warm body-
how bad does it hurt?
i feel nothing
but you breathe through me through you-
it passes through me-slides off like rain
breath through me, breathe through you, breathe
you bite my lip when we kiss-
-it bleeds and i fall in love-
you are, you are, you are, you are, and you are…


Mindless Self Indulgence - Lights Out live Soundwave 23/2/13

BLAKE TALKS TO TV FANATIC ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF RYDER AND KITTY TVF: I love the scene you had with Kitty because it really showed a different side of her that we didn’t know. Can we expect Ryder to look at her a little differently moving forward?
Blake Jenner: Well, first that scene great to shoot. I had a few lines in that scene but Becca [Tobin] definitely carried that whole scene and she did an amazing job. I remember shooting that scene and it really got to me. I mean, tears were flowing. I was getting teary-eyed with her because she was just great and just hearing that story, how could she not feel it, whether it was someone acting or whether it was someone actually telling you, just hearing those words, because you feel for the person…it’s always great to work with amazing people and that’s what she is.
As far as Kitty and Ryder go, I guess you can expect to see some regrets [and] you can definitely see some things happening and Ryder still trying to track down who Catfish is so that kind of gets in the way. So he’s not really thinking about Kitty too much but when the whole Catfish thing is revealed, which it does in the last episode, you can see something boiling for sure and something is happening.
—  Blake’s interview after “Lights out” ep