Outside, the sun is shining. The birds are singing. The grass is — holy hell, Kurt and Blaine are fully making out in the backseat of a car! What! WHAT! OK, so Kurt is on top of Blaine, just kissing him and grinning at him and babbling adorably about how this doesn’t mean they’re back together and Adam’s Apples or whatever, and Blaine is smiling back at Kurt like Christmas morning agreeing with whatever words are coming out of his mouth. “Yeah, yeah, we’re just bros helping bros.” Lips are sucked, breaths are gasped, shirts are tugged, bowties are stroked, Tumblrs are exploded. There’s a knock on the car door. It’s upside-down Mercedes. She needs arm-gays. GO AWAY, MERCEDES! GO! WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!

Er, sorry. No. I’m always glad to see Mercedes. I miss her. I do miss her. I was caught in a moment. Well, so Kurt and Blaine climb out of the car, legitimately trying to hide their boners — like, that’s actually a thing that is happening on-screen that is not my imagination. Gay guys like to have sex and also they have erections and there’s no reason not to talk about it because it’s as normal as every other sex thing you see on TV every ten minutes, is what Fox just told me.

—  AfterElton, 04x14 recap