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I don't understand why people want to just write Victor off as a shallow asshole character already. Like why do this when the show seems to be hinting both he and Yuuri will become genuine friends? Even stranger when it comes from people shipping them, it's so weird when people ship a pairing and seem to hate the other half and go on about how they don't "deserve" the pure one. Don't people want them to be equals?

Same, anon, same. Imho, there is nothing pointing to Victor being an asshole or abandoning Yuuri. Everything from OP to ED and inbetween shows how they will grow together. Just because Victor isn’t being entirely open and spilling his life to someone he’s just met doesn’t mean he’s going to be plotting or evil. Just cautious, maybe even scared. I don’t get it. Why put yourself and so many others into a tizzy? Just enjoy the ride. Cause ya’ll are making me and this precious man sad.

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I hate that people make fun of me for the fact that I’m so positive about shitty situations. Like, its either optimism or a severely depressive mentality let me cope how I want to

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This fandom will be a nightmare when some actual conflict with Victor and Yuuri happens and his character flaws get the spotlight and I'm already dreading it because I know it will be written off as abusive and unhealthy like it already is. Why can't there ever be just one damn ship people can have fun with that doesn't get this wank?

I’m sure it will seem to be. I’ve lived through this many a time though. Having been into anime longer than some of my followers have been alive I would like to share some wisdom. Here’s the key to happiness.

You see someone being crappy and ruining your fun and insulting things you love?

Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your ships.

@ people saying “but n_ntendo is 15!!!” to that one post: no one was remotely rude to him in that post, they just pointed out he seemed mad,,,,and like, hes still racist and some other stuff, 15 or not having people point out some of the stuff he does as long as it isnt too rude isnt really what id consider bad

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I feel like we don't know enough about Victor now to pass judgement on his motives, thoughts and actions. Maybe after the anime ends the fandom can come back to discuss this but right now let's give him the benefit of doubt :)

You, dear anon, have the right idea. I’m all for waiting to make any fully based arguments. We certainly don’t have enough to confirm what is going on in this pretty little head. I’m just here to offer some positive input against the doom and gloom.

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As I am now playing Inquisition on a somewhat fancier PC that allows me to turn Shader quality to High, thus giving certain characters scars and wrinkles that were not visible before, I was rather curious how it would affect Alexius, since some of the hate mail authors that objected against my fascination with his character, and especially my shipping him with my Yavanna Lavellan, pointed out that he looks ‘gross’ and like he’s ‘eighty years old’. I have seen his more detailed look before, of course, in YouTube videos and other people’s screenshots, but there is nothing like actually interacting with a character in-game.

So, it turns out I had a semi-abandoned Lavellan that was about to do In Hushed Whsipers, and I made a whole separate save where I took her to the Black Emporium and threw together some appearance changes to make her look more like Yavanna (because the real Yavanna has loooong since completed the quest and I don’t even have shots of her doing it, which is a bummer because this quest is so important for her story).

Obviously, Yavanna 2.0 is not a perfect clone, but I had to act quickly because excessive gaming might have made my fever rise again.

Once in Redcliffe, this stand-in for Yavanna encountered Alexius… And her player discovered that her attitude towards the poor old sop has remained unchanged. His face is obviously more lined now, and he has shadows under his eyes, but I have not found it in any way off-putting (dat random photobombing Redcliffe mage does not look like she’s buying it, but that’s the truth).

The charm of the smirk is still there:

And I still grinned over this moment in the dialogue:

(You smug old bastard!)

And the customary Feelzful Screenie also turned out to my liking:

And then, when the brief attempt at negotiations occurred, these two dorks decided to settle in their chairs by wriggling their butts repeatedly and making silly faces:

(I guess I should have shot a video, but I forgot about that part of the cutscene).

Long story short, this user spends most of her fandom time fangirling over the Sad Vint Dad, and is undeterred even by the obvious signs of aging as revealed by high graphics.