i went to get medicine from the pharmacy when i saw this lovely bumper sticker; whoever owns this car cares about this a lot since they had two of the same kind on either side

so i biked all the way home, grabbed a sticky note and a pen and went back to leave them a nice note like the petty asshole i am

for those who cant read my shitty (angry) handwriting: “Think of those kids without parents who need adopted you piece of fuckin’ trash :)”

shoutout to everyone who is dreading the upcoming ‘break’ - to everyone who is forced to leave their places of comfort and safety and return to the hell that is their parents’ houses for the sake of enforced family gatherings - to everyone who faces mistreatment and abuse and neglect of their basic needs - to everyone who just needs a real break and isn’t going to get one before it’s back to the grind. 

hang in there, guys.