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Hih sleuth love your post but i have one question in the unathorized autobiagraphy there is a note from jacques to lemony saying about H (that i think is hector) building a hot air balloon if jacques knows hector then does that mean that hector knows jacques? And if thats so then why didnt jacques or esme or olaf recognize hector i want to hear your response

Hi, @667darkavenuesworld! Thank you for your interest.

I would argue that as far as we know it there is no evidence that Esme/Olaf ever met Hector or heard of him before coming to the Village of Fowl Devotees. Yes, the Snicket siblings definitely met him in their days as VFD apprentices, just like they met Esme and Olaf, but not all members of the organization know each other. Lemony seems to have met absolutely everybody but that’s the convenience that goes with being the main character. For the record, there is no definitive evidence of Monty and Josephine ever meeting Olaf before “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” either. That sure would clear up a loooot of (supposed) plotholes.

Even if they had heard of him, there would be multiple reasons for Olaf and Esme not to antagonize Hector right away. He’s pretty much in charge of the volunteers’ crow message system and could alert a lot of people in a heartbeat, which would cause a lot of problems right away. We have to remember that Olaf is still a wanted criminal and is trying to pass off Jacques’ corpse as his own. He doesn’t want to attract the attention of anyone who’s too involved with his past. So if Hector keeps his mouth shut and sits idly as Olaf carries out his plan, it’s probably better for him to just leave Hector alone (at least until he’s successfully faked his death).

Kids These Days

Salt & Straw, which I can confidently say is one of the worlds best and most creative ice-cream shops just unleashed a flex-storm of November flavors. It’s a “table-to-cone” Thanksgiving inspired menu; Cool Marketing ™.  

One of the standouts is the honey bourbon corn pudding- YES. You can actually taste the real bourbon in there. I can only imagine all the parents who have no idea there’s Henny in there and let their 5 year old order a triple scoop. 5 minutes in, little Timmy is LIT, and he’s stolen the keys to your minivan. Timmy’s turned up on Larchmont doing donuts and shit, windows down, blasting that new 1989 album. Man- kids these days. Salt & StrawTip: Also try the Turkey flavor. It’s made with real turkey and caramelized turkey skin.  Tip: Be ready to try every single flavor because they encourage it. It won’t help in your decision making tho.    Tip: The most boss move is doing a split scoop. You can get a single scoop- but 2 flavors.  Pricing: Single scoop $4.25; double scoop $6.25. When to come here: whenever you’re in the mood for ice-cream?  Where: 240 N Larchmont Blvd Los Angeles  Times: 10am-11pm everyday Phn: 323 466 0485