0417: midway

Scene on board USS Yorktown, shortly after she was hit by three Japanese bombs on June 4, 1942. The dense smoke is from fires in her uptakes, caused by a bomb that punctured them and knocked out her boilers. Panorama made from two photographs taken by Photographer 2rd Class William G. Roy from the starboard side of the flight deck, just in front of the forward 5"/38 gun gallery. Man with hammer at right is probably covering a bomb entry hole in the forward elevator. (U.S. Navy)


MORTAL KOMBAT (Midway, 1992)
Test your might. Choose your destiny, Flawless victory.

The Shaolin Tournament for martial arts… for ages it was a competition for honor and glory. Notable warriors from around the globe were invited to take part, each seeking the title of Grand Champion.

But that was a long time ago… before the tournament was corrupted by the demon Shang Tsung, a warrior who took not only the lives of his opponents, but their very souls…

With the aid of his pupil Goro, a hideous half-human dragon, Tsung began a domination of the contest which has lasted for centuries. Today, 500 years later, the contest begins anew as warriors once again gather to partake in Mortal Kombat.

* Liu-Kang’s fatality not included for its total suckality.