Meet our Sites We Love winner for 04/15/2011.

How did your business begin?
feNa started to be in my thoughts 6-7 year ago - before, during and after studying to get my architecture license in California.  I had dedicated almost 15 years to that field when unfortunate times in the profession opened an opportunity in 2008 to follow my passion for handbag design.  Although I stumbled at the beginning, I’ve never looked back and have certainly never been happier!

How has the company grown throughout the years?
feNa just launched in March 2011 and the response so far is phenomenal!  

Do you have an interesting story you can share with readers?
A person I had interviewed with at an architecture firm right when I was ready to fully focus on the handbags ended up being one of my first customers!

What lessons did you learn along the way that can help new businesses just starting up?
Do a lot of research & networking before you begin. Trust your instincts and don’t ever let people discourage you from following your dreams - you will hear a lot of negativity - believe in yourself and your talent!

What goals do you have in store for the future of your business?
I’m a very positive, “think big” type of person - so I see huge things in store for feNa in the future.  While always expanding on the handbag designs/accessories - I’d love to launch a feNa perfume someday. I can already see it sitting on the shelves.  

The absolute #1 top priority is happy, loyal customers - there is no feNa without them!

Thanks for sharing your story, Kellyn!

Check out the website at http://www.fenadesigns.com