Host: So what do you talk about when you go out to eat with Matsujun?

Nino: Ahhh, that guy, he’s passionate. 

Host: Oh, so it’s like, “Next time, I want to do this.”

Nino: Right, for example talking about our concerts.

Nino: “Next concert, I want to do this,” he says to me. It seems as if he feels strongly about it so I reply,  "Well, you can do it. Give it your all.“

 Nino: And then he says, "Yeah… Man, I’m totally drunk.”

Everyone: LOL

Oshareism 04.10.2011 (loose translation)

"Munich, I love you..."

my “remember Munich”-wall


It’s been four days ago, but I still can’t believe I’m there. I still can’t find the right words.
The first concert of Mando’s october tour - characterized by pure energy; and pure perfection.
I got everything I could ever wish for.
The band loved the audience as much as the audience loved the band.
I couldn’t help celebrating every single song.
Jump, scream, dance, dance, dance.

Down In The Past, Dance With Somebody… songs everybody knows.
The whole concert hall was partying. Singing along, dancing along, screaming.
After all not only Mando’s show was hot, but also the whole audience.

Happy faces everywhere.