• Keith Lemon: Should we play it now (Call or Delete)?
  • Nick Grimshaw: Ok. Ok, scrolling...
  • Holly Willoughby: James Corden!
  • Nick Grimshaw: Yeah, ok. *ringing* I've never phoned James Corden by the way. Seriously.
  • Nick Grimshaw: Hi!
  • James Corden: How are you?
  • Nick Grimshaw: I'm good, how are you?
  • James Corden: I'm good.
  • Nick Grimshaw: I wanted to come and see you.
  • James Corden: Wait, are you with Harry?


1- Up All Night

2- I Would

3- Heart Attack

4- More Than This

5- Loved You First

6- One Thing

7- C’mon C’mon

8- Change My Mind

9- One Way Or Another/Teenage Kicks

10- Last First Kiss

11- Moments

12- Back For You

13- Summer Love

14- Over Again

15- Little Things

16- Teeange Dirtbag

17- Rock Me

18- She’s Not Afraid

19- Kiss You

20- Live While We’re Young

21- What Makes You Beautiful

* Extras:

Twitter Questions

  • Nick Grimshaw: From half past nine we have guest DJ Huw Stevens, plus his sister, plus his sister's kids. Plus Ian's mom.
  • Ian Chaloner: Everyone's here.
  • Nick Grimshaw: I like everyone. I prefer it with more people. Jonathan's here. Lucy K's here. Everyone's here. I like it when more people are here though. I feel it's better, cos I feel like I want to show off more.
  • Matt Fincham: You don't need any more excuses.
  • Nick Grimshaw: Well I like it when people are in. It's like the novelty is here. So they like listen to me. You're just, like, on your computer.. 'some aubergines...'