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Today I’ve recorded Owari (4x26) in both languages: Spanish and English

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Right now I am preparing both videos to be shared.
- The first post will be Owari in Spanish
- The next one will be Owari in English 

I’m asking once more some patience, I will share the episode as soon as possible. I know you guys really want to watch it, but asking me multiple times when it will be uploaded won’t make advance the process faster. 


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obessedwitheverything1998  asked:

It's sad to hear that their father is gone now . Now leo has big responsibilities towards his brothers and friends I bet we get to see him struggling with that in season 5

Everyone will be going through a lot in Season 5. 

With Splinter dead, Leo is now the Head of the Hamato clan and the protector of his family. If he was stressed out about being a leader before, now he’ll be stressed out 24/7. Now that he has the responsibility of raising his brothers in Splinter’s stead, he’ll have to grow up faster so he can become their new guardian. I have no doubt we’ll be seeing him go through a lot of self-doubt and depression about his new position as the head of the Hamato clan. 

Raph will be going through some sort of PTSD because he was the one who actually saw Shredder kill Splinter on the roof before throwing him off the building. He’ll be going through a lot of emotional trauma about that night and he’ll feel guilty for not being able to react quicker to save his life. 

Mikey will be more emotional than ever and I think we’ll actually get to see more of his anger come out over Splinter’s death. Especially since he was the one holding his hand and whimpering “Papa”. I’m not exactly sure what Brandon has in store for him, but if he plans on exploring more of Mikey’s mind then we might just see how Splinter’s death has affected him. 

I’m not necessarily certain how Donnie will be processing Splinter’s death in Season 5, but it would be nice to see him for once really lose himself in his emotions and call Splinter “Father” or “Dad” in a burst of anger or sadness while talking to his brothers. He would channel his emotions in his technology for the safety of his family. 

Casey & April will both be in a depression and they’ll both be trying to help the turtles out as much as they possibly can. April will be going through the same sort of PTSD as Raph to the point where maybe they could help each other move on. It would be a perfect opportunity for Raph and April to have some bonding in the series since they haven’t had that much intimate interaction yet. Casey would try to help out by taking care of the streets and giving the turtles updates on the city when they’re in mourning. Since I’m pretty sure that they’ll at least give the turtles some time to properly mourn the loss of Splinter properly after all the commotion against the Shredder is over for a while. 

While Leo will be having a considerably large and emotional arc in this upcoming season as the new Head of the Hamato clan, I think that we should be concerned for the entire Hamato family clan.