It’s coming on some good… :3

Irrilia © Myrling

Kiba © Arishynya

Kohana/Hana © Mikibaby94

And the others two belong me. :3

little-v12  asked:

When will Tmnt 2012 return with new episodes ?????

For the moment it will return on June 18th with a hour-long special called “When Worlds Collide”.


We don’t know yet if the special is about the next two episodes airing in the same day; or if it’s the 2nd crossover of TMNT 1987-2012.  


Sometimes an experiment doesn’t work. This violin from 2012 has varnish that I’ve never been happy with. I’ve been playing it to tweak the sound and setup.

The varnish never fully dried and developed an ugly big crackle, the color is wrong, it’s opaque in the wrong ways, and the final straw is that the wear pattern from the shoulder rest started peeling.

The varnish was a batch from Magister right before he died, so I couldn’t even complain to get my money back once I figured out the batch was a dud.

So, I spent some time stripping the violin this weekend and am so excited to see it with some varnish I got from Jordan Hess Violins!

It’s great to remember sometimes that Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall are not their nasty fans. If a fan is being mean and annoying, it’s not on them. If you have a problem with them that’s one thing, but this constant loop of “some harries are so mean so I gotta treat harry badly to compensate” or “some liam fans said this mean thing and that other mean thing so now I’m gonna write hateful and terrible reviews on liam’s single to balance it out” etc etc is getting so tiring. what are you all? 12? If you don’t like a song it takes 0 $ and 0 hours of your time not to be a total asshole