04 march 2014

Quite the news...

*theres a package on the doorstep. It’s from one of his employees. Simon, the writer of the gossip Column. Inside are photos.*

Boss, Simon here, you told me to keep an eye on Carlos and I have been doing just that. I’ve noticed he has been taking a lot of trips to the Bluffs and I couldn’t figure ou why-Since I wasn’t gonna go into that damn town. However, The Bkuffs came to him today…
I hope this is what you were looking for!

[inside the package are a stack of photos of Kevin wearing a skimpy bumble bee outfit. Giving Carlos a lap dance. The next few are of them kissing. Then Kevin giving him a blow job. Lastly, it’s Carlos bending Kevin over the lounge and screwing him]

Collin took the package inside and opened it. He read the note and had a feeling his suspicions were true. The pictures confirmed it. Carlos was cheating on his fiancee, his best friend, Dana. He tucked the pictures into an envelope and labeled it with a red ‘Classified’ Stamp, along with the name of the subject of the pictures on the front 'Carlos Leonardios, date received: March 04, 2014’ And he put it on his desk. He texted Carlos to confront him, and left the pictures in his home office. He wouldn’t tell Dana until he could confront the culprit