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1. I get sad when I’m in bed and the only thing I want is to be next to you and I know you don’t feel the same. But I want you like I haven’t wanted something in quite sometime and no matter how much I try it’s not enough. Be mine be mine be mine, please, I love you!!

2. Sadly silence speaks volume and with every insincere touch and smile you told not me but my brain and heart and each inch of me in between, that she’s always been what you wanted.

3. I don’t know why I’ve been waking up so often during the night, but tonight is different because I know tomorrow morning I’m not looking too forward to having to sit with you in class and act like I don’t care that we’re over. - 5:48AM 01/20/14

4. I keep trying to write a poem about you but no matter how many times I try, no combination of words can capture how beautiful you were to me.

5. I need you now more than ever, but if you’re not going to be there for me then I can’t be around you at all.. I don’t even want to put this kind of pressure or obligation on you, I want you to just care.. After all this I wanted you with me more than anything, crazy huh. Now I’m confused because I still just want to be close to you and give myself to you. But I can’t do that now, I know I’m a hypocrite but like I said, you might be okay with it but the same fucking day? I could’ve forgave you since I’ve already done it too. I bet you have secretly also. But thanks for proving to me I wasn’t good enough. - 6:54pm 03/23/14 

6. I love you

-1:27 AM 03/28/14

7. Rise and shine beautiful! 
The sun may not be shinning but you are in my eyes; so wake up quickly so I can run over all comfy with my hair and make up half done just to see that smile I’ve been dying to be close to all week. Tell me that I’m pretty before you embrace my body close, as it becomes in sync with yours, each motion and moan following the next so naturally like the tempo of my favourite song which you’ve played for me one too many times. 
In awe I can lay there and stay with you for hours, easily, effortlessly, and I’ll kiss your spine and wrap your hair between my fingers which long to be held again. All the while you’ll turn ice cold, no longer shining but dull, the smile I’ve been missing, disappears as we part to our own ends of the mattress.
That’s when I realize time after time that this is the final wake up call, so rise and shine lovely, this is all it’ll ever be. - 10AM 04/05/14

8. it’s raining and each drop is reminding me of you
I’m not exactly sure why, but
I’ve always wanted to kiss you in the rain.
my tears right now are similar to the rain drops
one at a time they’re falling
each one another reason why I can’t be without you
- 11:07AM 04/07/14

9. you’ve built an empire around my heart and no one else is strong enough to defeat it. 

-11:08AM 04/13/2014

10. I can’t stop shaking these days. I never sleep quite right. I may have given you too many pieces of me. I don’t feel whole anymore.

11. I know you probably think I’m weird when I compare our love to ice cold finger tips, but the first time I met you, you held my hand over ice and from then on I’ve had a burning fire in my heart.

12. You said poetry was all lies dressed up to sound pretty. When I look at you these days, I want to ask if sadness sounds pretty to you too.
- 04/17/14 10:01AM

13. We were never in love, but, oh God, we could have been

14. You always said you hated being skinny but you have no idea how beautiful I thought it was.
- 04/22/14 12:52PM

15. I decided on you, don’t you get that? I decided on you. I don’t want to go fucking other people and then walk around feeling thrilled and then sad, or empty, or whatever. I like the smell of your hair, and I like the sound of your voice, and I fucking decided on you.
- 04/22/14 6:24PM

16. I forget how to feel
 and maybe I don’t exist in your world anymore
 but damn it,
 you were my whole universe. 

17. You’re inside my fucking head. Please don’t leave it’s all I have left of you.

- 04/25/14 10:38AM

18. You told me you’ve been thinking about me, you’re feeling everything I hoped you one day would.
- 05/10/14 10:39AM

19. I missed the sight of your eyes rolling back and the taste of my name on your tongue when you moan.
- 05/10/14 10:40AM

20. I find it best to not allow ourselves to get attached again. Because recently I cringe at the touch of your skin after we are intimate together. And don’t take it wrong, I do love you. But let’s make this easier on the both of us. Seeing you again has been lovely but this time I know better. That’s why last night when you visited my dream, you reached out to hold me and I kept running.
- 05/19/14 9:33AM

- 05/23/14 7:15PM

22. I am sad that I wasn’t the one you chose to spend such and important day of your life with because I am the one who loves you.
- 05/30/14 6:00PM

23. I miss you and need you to hold me while I sleep. I want your breathing in my ear and your cock on my ass.
- 06/05/14 9:53PM

24. wake up I miss you
- 06/06/14 3:44AM

25. Someone asked me to describe home and I almost said your name but I stayed quiet instead, people expect you to say a damn place but I felt more at home in your two arms than I ever did in my own house.
- 06/10/14 10:00AM

26. you were the star of my nightmare last night, I woke up grasping onto our memories for dear life.
- 06/13/14 10:56AM

27. I don’t know if I still miss you or I just suck at adjusting to change but I met a boy who makes me smile last week and I’m still waiting for an answer to the text I sent you 3 days ago.
- 07/03/14 7:44AM

28. I passed your house 12 times the last few days and each time all I found was darkness and an empty driveway. I haven’t seen you in what feels like three weeks and I was beginning to wonder if you hopped on the first plane out of here without saying bye
- 07/04/14 8:10AM

29. You had to mention her name. Are you trying to throw it in my face or remind me why I despise you?
- 07/05/14 8:45PM

30. ✨ my clit throbs 4 u ✨
- 07/08/14 3:22PM

31. I’m just tired and scared and sad because you don’t see me the way I see you and you’re the humming in my veins while I’m just dust on your fingertips
- 07/10/14 8:27AM

32. If you’ll be my star, I’ll be your sky, you can hide underneath me and come out at night, when I turn jet black and you show off your light, I live to let you shine.
- 07/11/14 10:15PM

33. I stopped on your back porch and broke down and when I turned around your lights were already off.
- 07/13/14 3:00AM

34. Cause at the end of the night I’ll always love you
- 07/13/14 3:19AM

35. It hurts being with you but I’d probably die without you
- 07/14/14 11:21AM

36. My voice cracks like leaking pipes, and I forget to apologize for the flood. Some days I pretend that you haven’t seen the dirty parts of me already. That you don’t know the alleyway in these veins.
- 07/18/14 2:54AM

37. When you kiss your new girlfriend I wonder if she appreciates the fact that you taste like thunderstorms, if she can feel the crackle of lightning on your tongue. 
When you toss your hair and laugh at something she said I try to recall the last time I lit up your world like that.
 When you don’t look my way, I remember when you didn’t love me anymore.
 When you look at her, I remember when you did.
- 07/21/14 2:56AM

38. let me wake you up with conscious clear thoughts and stained sheets beneath you, let me crawl on top of you while you trace the goose bumps on my inner thighs, as you push the hair from my face, as you moan into my ear everything I want to hear.
- 07/22/14 9:31AM

39. I opened my heart to let you in but you were toxic and now you’re under my skin and no matter how deep I cut you’re in my veins and I can’t get you out of my system.
- 08/01/14 10:42AM

40. please tell me that I’m not as forgettable as your silence makes me feel
- 08/03/14 12:18AM

41. If I could, I would nail these hands to the edges of stars, I would sacrifice this body to the sky; hoping to resurrect as somebody spiteful enough to not care about you anymore.
- 08/05/14 12:17PM

42. You’re the cause for the bags under my eyes, for keeping me up at the thought of our touch. I’m tired. I’m drained. I want you.
- 08/09/14 11:19PM

43. I don’t care anymore, but sometimes, it just hurts a little.
- 08/13/14 1:18AM

44. I woke up today and realized that what we had is dead.
- 08/22/14 2:24AM*

45. who are you, I think you’re finally getting your wish because I have no aspiration of seeing you anymore.
- 08/27/14 9:41AM

46. every time you hurt me I apologized because I felt guilty for making you feel bad
- 09/01/14 1:06PM

47. nostalgia creeps the empty halls in which your voice use to echo. Loneliness fills the empty seat on either side of my body; the seat you once possessed.
- 09/04/14 10:21AM

48. Your words went deep down my throat and so did the pills when I tried to figure out how I was to survive without you.
- 09/06/14 1:49PM

49. I could be doing better if you were here right now
- 09/08/14 4:29AM

50. am I suppose to rip the two separate parts of heart from my chest for you to see that you broke it
- 09/09/14 3:55PM

—  I don’t want to write you anymore (Jp)
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Drink, Interrupted

Multiple Critters asked: How many times does Matt pick up his beverage and put it back down without drinking from it?

We’ve tracked some odd things in our tenure, but this? This is among the oddest. Updated to Episode 80

Times Matt Picked Up His Drink And Didn’t Drink From It: 76

Thanks to @BabbaForrest, @ChrisVLinden, Cyberwulf, David and Sierra T., Dom W., @dutchcritter, @EBalensuela, Eric R., Greg V., icecream-s-coops, i-encourage-peace, @InvictusRob, @JacobSBrowning, @jeritchie3, jm4ny, Magus, Mel25200, @_miss_maria_, @MysticalSpider, @OmrJeuss, Ro, Rosie-lostbetweenthepages, Rowena Highlander, @sarabowdridge, @SaulOrmiston, @SilentEnGee, @silv3rsing3r, sonataofsilence, wallflowerwaitlist, @ytoti_, zahra-hana, and other critters for their work compiling this list!

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