I’m sure that gifsets that are 99.9% identical to this one are a dime a dozen…but I needed some practice. So here’s my tribute to one of what I consider the most “perfect” Community episodes.

I love the Law and Order homage, and the repeated nods to the fact that even though they’re acting the parts…the study group members are not cops, and the Bio class is not a courtroom.

I love the Troy and Abed good cop/bad cop switch off, and I love Britta’s “old west color” photoshopping.

And of course, I love Jeff and Annie teaming up. They’re incredible together, even when not romantic, though I maintain that the chemistry between them is electric even when they’re being “platonic.” (getting screwed in the Biology room, Jeff’s heartfelt heart to heart with Annie during their “sidebar sidebar,” and Annie referencing the “Winger charm” with THAT look at Jeff…)

One of the best episodes ever.