@taylorswift do you remember when I blew you up a kiss and then you catch it and put it in your heart?
That was the most iconic moment of my entire life! Thank you so much for all the happiness you bring me! I LOVE YOU AND I’LL STAY BY YOUR SIDE FOREVER!


Yes, I made myself a gif from the video you posted haha.

Love you,

-Paola 💋


30 Day Linkin Park Challenge | 03

Day 03 – Favourite LP picture photoshoot

Supposedly I needed to share with you my favourite LP picture, well,  that’s kinda impossible so I’ve decided to share my favourite photoshoot. Although my fav was the BW promotional shoot done in Brooklyn in 2010, I’ve grown fond of the last promotional shoots for OML.

What I love from these pictures is the carefree attitude of the guys.

I love that in most of the shots they’re smiling or seemed very relaxed. It became obvious how much they really enjoyed their time together and you can sense their confidence. It’s like they’re not concerned with proving anything to anyone anymore because they simply didn’t need to.

And well, of course, the obvious reason, these were the last photographs with Chester 🖤

OML release day picture at WB 

30 Day Challenge 04★ Serge

Chrono Trigger without a shadow of a doubt one of the GREATEST RPGs of all time - especially on my list. That said, Chrono Cross was and is still one of my favorite RPGs to this day. Next to FF9 it’s probably had the biggest impact on me!

I got this one done late last night. I went 30 minutes over on this one but I wanted to finish anyway! Have to get faster at deciding on composition/pose! Doing this helps you discover potential weakspots in your planning and execution process. I decided to post it after I woke up today. 26 Days to go!

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