03:44 pm


Daily Reco Entry 1096: Friday, March 24, 2017, PM

Wee Woo by PRISTIN (프리스틴)

Some things that are on my mind:
•Everyone is so loud at the table and I hate it
•my favorite signs are about, dog, early, damage, pride, parents, and April
•I’m going to put my fist through a fucking wall everyone is too loud and too much I can’t get away
•I miss listening to tapes
•my teeth hurt because I grind them when I’m anxious
•I miss my brother Levi
•I bet no one would care if I was killed
•I need to get away and write something before I cut myself
•I wish I wasn’t so fucking stupid
•I wish I was better at my job
•I don’t know if I’ll be ready to leave for college
•I’m sorry to everyone I’ve hurt and let down
•I hate that I let myself gain weight but it’s okay I’m allowed to
•I can’t stop flinching and shaking I wish I could stop flinching and shaking