Family bonding → Jiam.

Ever since that day when Jude was so weird with his moods, he changed his mood pretty much all the time. He got from sexual to angry to sad and he even started crying. Told him that Liam didn’t loved him at all, that he just loved the old him and it was just something what wasn’t true at all. No matter what he still loved him and will forever love him as well. Even though if Jude will never love him anymore, he would still love him. It was actually really hard to not love him, he was the love of his life and he will probably always be the love of his life. He has never felt so in love with someone, of course he had a relationship before with Danielle and Sophia but it was different and not just because Jude was a guy. Not just that.

Though when that day ended it couldn’t end any better, Jude seemed to remember his nickname. “Angel.” It was quite weird though, but it felt completed. Like he was really doing his best to make them work again. It made him feel like a better person, it made him feel like he was doing the right thing again. Making him fall in love again. He loved the idea of them being together again, he couldn’t stop thinking about it so that is also the reason why he suggested to go to the zoo with Elliot. Also to just have a little bit of bonding time, they need to re-bond right? And since he loves Jude so much he doesn’t want to let go off him, he wants him to love him again as well.


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