I work at 1830. I awoke at 0830. Went to sleep at 2100. I had approximately 11-12 hours of sleep. I get off work at 0700 tomorrow morning. I will be going straight to church after work around 0845 with my parents. Sunday will be my last day before I return to school.

Today I jump-roped. Yoga-inspired moves of breathing and stretching. Cardio-strength cross-work.

Made plans to work out with my bud. My new bud. 

I had a glorious day.

Sunday will be even greater.


I have put myself out there. I am not afraid to say my feelings anymore. That is how I have self-improved in the past few months-years-decades.

With that said. I have one person–that is vital to my life–to tell about myself and things that make me whole.