uaap awarding and eagle ridge photo diary

I got the Athlete Scholar of The Year and we, UST WVT, hailed as Champions this 3rd Eagle Ridge Volleyball Championship.

Thank you, Lord for the abundant blessings that you have given me. I will be forever grateful of your Greatness. I will do all things for your Glory. :)


032413 ♥

 Happy Birthday Kuya Aron!!! :”)

Nakakahiya naman sa suot namin dba xDD Ang mamee kase malakas mang-trip! Nako! Kung hndi ka lang po namin mahal! HAHAHA :P So yan Oo nakadress kame, alam nyo ba yung feeling na kahit gutom na gutom na kayo tiniis nyo nalang kase nga NAKA-DRESS kayo. fuuuu!

 Syempre yung cute na bata gusto kong ikwento! HAHA. Allen ata pangalan nya. OMGGGG :”’> Suuuper cute nya! Kanina lang ata ko kinilig ng ganun dahil sa bata xD Kase ang cute-cute nya talaga, tas hndi pa sya masungit at at at KINISS nya ako :”””> OMG!!! Ang cuuute nya! ♥ Kinikilig ako ngayun! HAHAHA :p

 K.k wala nako masabe xDD MASAYA DIN! Masaya ang Mame, anow! Kaya masaya na din ako. HAHAHAHA :p


Mameeeeee :*

Spaceship Coupe.

March 20-21, 24-27, 2013

Went to Andrew’s house. Went to school after and hung out with Smokey for a bit and left since no one was there. Went to Urth Caffe. It was his first time! Finally tried one of their desserts and it was really good! Went to Jtown and got some bacon donuts from Cafe Dulce. Went to that marketplace. And tried Mikawaya for the first time! Dropped Andrew off at school and I went home.

Took my last final. Picked up Andrew and played a little basketball with him at Sequoia park! Went to Party City after and I dropped him off at the gym. Went to Gangsta’s and hung out with Nick while he cleaned and I watched OTH. Marquis came and we went grocery shopping! I was so tired! Tried taking a little nap but it was too loud. Went to the park and started setting up for the major bbq event! It was pretty good (: Rode with my little back to Gangsta’s. Got juice with Jeff and my little at Ralph’s. Then after finals party! It was pretty fun (:

Went to church. Went home to change. Then went to the guy’s first playoff game. Roanne and Julianne came! Went to Gangsta’s after. And went to Fair Oaks pharmacy for the first time! Tried the kitchen sink and we couldn’t finish it! Oh my. Went back and I dropped Andrew off. Ate at Alberto’s then went home.

Kuya Jordan picked me up and we got OK Chinese and went to his house. Watched James and the Giant Peach. Then played the karaoke game. Went to his friend’s KCN at USC. Went to Urth Caffe for his for first time. And had an amazing talk with him. I missed him! (‘:

Went to lot 7 and practiced for dance comp, fail. Ate at Thai Purple with Michael and Ash. They were so awk but I wasn’t! Haha went to Gangsta’s and watched these two movies. Ash left me to go to a party. Picked me up and dropped me off to my car. Good night!

Morning fail. But got gas. Went to Walmart, got Honey Boba, and headed off to our day in Riverside! Tried Sushi Asahi for the first time with Andrew. We got full so fast. No sushi for a while but it was really good! Went to Tyler mall and shopped a little. Went to Frostbites after then watched Oz: Great and Powerful at the Van Buren drive in theater! We’re cute! Haha dropped him home. Good day (:

my mom always manages to make things about her. as if i TRIED to fucking kill my car’s battery. yeah, mom, cause that’s my fucking life goal! to make sure you don’t get a real day off. at least you get those. i don’t even know what a day off fucking means. i’m not thrilled to have to be driven around because i have way too much to do to have someone else tagging along. i’d really appreciate it if you’d stop playing the victim as if this unfortunate circumstance only affects YOU and no one else. so stupid and annoying.