bak, bak gelemiyorum sana. en çok ihtiyacım olan yer kollarının arası. en çok ihtiyacım olan şey sesin, yüzün, nefesin. nasıl anlatayım ki, muhtacım. her zerrene muhtacım. her zerrene ihtiyacım var. ama bak olmuyor. olmuyor. sana gelen yollar kapalı. gelemiyorum. yapamıyorum. üzgünüm. kızgınım sana. çok kızgınım. dargınım. affedemiyorum. tüm dünyaya neden diye haykırmak istiyorum. ama yapamıyorum. kahretsin ki hiçbir şey yapamıyorum.


New album photoshoot 03/21/2012 :) | x

@DavidArchie: Doing a photoshoot today.
@kariontour: @DavidArchie on location shooting for the upcoming album. lockerz.com/s/194542158
@DavidArchie: Ran into an oompa loompa during the photshoot. Who would have thought, haha. | x x

From Natures Knockout facebookThis was an album cover shoot we did with ….cutie David Archuleta.. watch for the album to be released this fall! :) and yes, we know it will be amazing! btw–all products used on David’s face and hair were SAFE, Natural, & organic, of course-lol! :) 

Matthew Morrison on Lindsay Lohan and ‘Glee’: ‘The work got done’

When I asked Morrison if he shot any scenes with Lohan, he said no: “I saw her on-set, but I never worked with her.”

And have things gone okay with Lilo being part of the “Glee” mix?

A long pause from Morrison was followed by a laugh and a diplomatic response.

“I think it was all right,” he said. “The work got done.”

Regarding the work, Morrison said production on “Glee’s” third season will wrap on May 11 and that there will definitely not be a Will/Emma wedding before season’s end. He wasn’t even sure yet whether the nuptials will occur next season.

“I have no idea. We don’t even know — I mean, the show’s back next season but we don’t even know which cast members will actually be back,” he said. “I think I’ll be back but some of the kids — we’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do with that.”

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