Made this picture in Photo Class. We are to make a self portrait of ourselves and come up with one word that fits us. With that word, back a background or use effects that seem to fit with that word.

“Secretive” I chose this word because it’s true, I am secretive. I have things I don’t want others to know about me. Its nothing bad or anything, but  of course everyone has things that they’d keep to themselves and Im like that. People think they know me but it reality, they don’t know even half of me. 

This picture has 2 parts. A faded one and a solid one. Half of me is faded representing the type of person I am: flexible, lenient, and also shows that I’m the type of person that goes with everything. The “solid” represents how strong my inner beliefs are as well as how much self respect I have for myself. 

I thought I’d share this to you. Sorry if I didn’t make sense hahaha. :)