EXCLUSIVE: Harry Styles spends £20k on love and sex related artwork including ‘If I wasn’t straight I’d be gay’ poster

It’s estimated the One Direction boys will earn a record £611million during their upcoming Where We Are tour – and Harry Styles is already splurging out.

The 20-year-old cheeky chappy forked out a whopping £20,000 for a series of Hayden Kays prints recently.

A source exclusively told MailOnline all the artwork the star bought was 'love and sex related’ and was ‘probably to decorate his new home’. 

Each print cost the millionaire pop star £1000 – and with Harry buying 20 prints the total price of the expensive shop came to £20,000.

The star’s chosen prints surround the theme of love and humour, with each emblazoned with a phrase such as, ‘I will love you until the cold runs hot,’ and, ‘If I wasn’t straight I’d definitely be gay’.

Another is a print of just seven words on a plain white background, simply saying: ‘I think about sex every sex words’.

The star has clearly honed in his taste in art, as the source revealed it’s not the first time the singer has purchased a Kays print.

They said: ‘Back in 2012 he purchased another love-related piece after his split from Caroline Flack.’

The pair split in January 2012 after months of speculation and rumours surrounding their relationship, which involved a 15 year age gap.

It would seem Harry’s moved on from his former relationship, he’s now rumoured to be dating Kendall Jenner, but will forever appreciate Hayden Kays’ art work.

The star, who recently turned 20, is set to embark on an 88-date tour later this year, seeing the One Direction boys become the first act to perform three consecutive nights at the 95,000-seat Rose Bowl stadium in California.

One Direction have been predicted to become the most successful band in the world with earnings of a billion dollars a year – which is a lot of paintings for art connoisseur Harry

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March 02. 2014

I wrote february at the top of this entry…I’ve been living in a hole for too long. I just felt the need to write. I’ve been feeling like I should really start throwing myself into my studies. But on the other hand I have some really good friends that I don’t want to miss being able to hang with in between classes. I’m not sure what to do anymore. I feel like if I spent all of my time on my school work and studies I would have some better grades. Confused at the moment. 

I’ve done so much studying for my ANP Exam 2 tomorrow. I’m seriously nervous about it, but I feel like I went over almost everything I could. I went through my notes, I made notecards, I filled out the objectives for the chapter as well. I just hope I do ok on the exam. I need a B+ or better. Wish me luck :) 

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Потратила кучу денег. Нет, не кучу КУЧУ, просто достаточно, чтобы подсчитывая  оставшиеся, потекла горькая слеза. Но, я потратила эту сумма с без тени сомнения, даже с удовольствием. Сказала всем в институте, что приболела, а сама отдыхала. Занялась собой, купила продукты и, надо же!, мой холодильник совсем не страшно открывать. Организовала свой день рождения и теперь с предвкушением жду его. Даже несмотря на возраст. Вы скажете, что за чушь! Тебе же не 70, в конце концов! Не 70, нет. Но и не 15, когда мечты о будущем еще казались далекими, а их осуществление легким и приятным.

Эта неделя будет полна ожиданий, немного разочарований, но в конечном итоге, у меня точно останутся подарки :)
А потом жизнь потечет своим чередом, но for Merlin’s beard!, погода улучшается.