Philip Pullman's fantasy series His Dark Materials is being adapted for BBC1
The trilogy, which has attracted controversy in the past, follows the life of orphan Lyra Belacqua and will be adapted by former Doctor Who producers Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner

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(Yes, I’m completely and utterly aware of the irony of using this gif. That’s partly the point.)



I thought we all need some Silver-eyed Al on our dashes.

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There’s an interesting division I guess between what ever gunblr now a days from a group dynamics pov. Those who are Mil and those who are not, it makes it even more interesting seeing those milblrs being either 11/03 series or other MOSs. Now I’ve been following this whole blow up since it started. Honestly I a fence squatter. I see both points and they both have merits. I’m not going to say to drop it becuase, look we all have our quirks and most definitely have different experiences which have shaped our frames of minds. But I will say this is a frightening example of divide and conquer. Its kinda like the Fudds vs the 2A absolutionists. We’re here becuase we value and enjoy firearms. Gunblr itself is a non political community for the most part. It may be one side leaning more than the other but I know there are many many good folk who vary all over the spectrum in thier beliefs.

Tangled Animated TV Series Announced for 2017!
A new Tangled animated series is in the works at Disney Channel, and will include Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi in the voice cast.

YAY!! Another fun announcement!! Tangled is coming to TV!

This is the project I have moved on to and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be apart of it!!! Chris, Shane, and the rest of the team at Disney are really working hard to make this a very, very special story and I can’t wait to help tell it or for you all to see it!

Digimon Adventure 2015: Sorato Hopes

So now that Sora and Yamato will no longer be regulated to being background characters (as in 02 when their romantic relationship took off), these are my Sorato hopes for the 2015 Digimon Adventure sequel:

  • I hope Sorato has more focus than in 02. Come on, Toei Animation, the two have been dating for three years when the new series opens up!
  • I want at least one super-fucking-awesome epic moment between Sora and Yamato. I need a major Sorato feels moment.
  • I would like Sora to interact with Natsuko and Hiroaki, with Yamato present as well. Please make this happen.
  • I also wouldn’t mind if Sora and Takeru are shown to be closer due to the fact that Sora and Yamato are dating. Maybe a scene with Yamato cooking dinner for Sora and Takeru?
  • Both Taichi and Mimi need to tease Sora and Yamato’s relationship at least once.
  • I need at least one reference to a Sorato date. This can be a date being interrupted or just an implied date where Yamato and Sora leave a Chosen Children group meeting with each other.
  • I’d like to see Kenyako hook up as set-up for the epilogue (of course). So … Sorato/Kenyako double date? Squee.
  • There has to be some Sorato hand-holding and/or arms-around-the-shoulders.
  • Long shot, but I’d like Yamato to kiss Sora on the cheek, please! Taichi and Takeru kissed Catherine, and Wallace kissed Miyako and Hikari, so … MAKE IT HAPPEN, TOEI.
  • I would be ridiculously happy if Sora and Yamato have subtle little moments where it’s obvious the two are a couple and care about each other a lot. Things like Yamato being a little protective of Sora in the Digital World, or Sora showing concern over Yamato’s safety – like wondering what’s taking him so long on some mission.

I am really looking forward to seeing Sora and Yamato – as main characters – interacting as a couple for, hopefully, 50+ episodes. Because you know what Toei Animation can’t do? Ignore Sorato completely – seeing as it’s the only established romantic relationship (before the 02 epilogue). You had an excuse last time with the two being secondary characters, Toei, but now you don’t! SORA AND YAMATO WILL BE ON THE SCREEN 70% OF THE TIME. I can’t wait.

So Sorato fandom: What are your Sorato hopes?