one gifset per appearancevisit to grimsby: peaks lane fire station [2/4] (05/03/2013)

The Duchess of Cambridge continued her visit to Grimsby by visiting Peaks Lane Fire Station, which has been involved in helping young people in collaboration with The Prince’s Trust. She met with locals and was given a tour of the station, sharing sandwiches with the fire crews and was shown their fleet of fire engines.

The needy cloud
floating at a needy pace
claiming his love in a needy way
embarking on a needy journey
flying over the stars with a needy smirk
and when he couldn’t get his needy needs fulfilled
he will bark and he will roar
he will howl and he will growl
he is always around with his needy attitude
you don’t need glasses to see his needy signs
so beware because the needy cloud is in town.
May, 29.2012

Sydney Harbour Bridge - taken with iphone4 on 23.03.2013
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Mumford & Sons: “Whispers in the Dark” Music Video

From RollingStone.com:
Photo © Sam Jones

MARCH 12, 2013 4:30 PM ET

Mumford & Sons make their debut appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone in our next issue. Senior writer Brian Hiatt shadows the group as they finish the most recent leg of their U.S. tour in Camden, New Jersey, then hangs out with them on their London home turf, including backstage at the Brit Awards. The band speaks openly about faith, their imitators and the improbable rise of an acoustic band in a digital age. “I have no idea how my phone works,” says frontman Marcus Mumford, “Whereas, when I see an acoustic guitar played with gusto, I understand how it works.”