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Museum of Water is an invitation to take part and to have your say.

The context we are making this work in has changed with each new water crisis. The Museum’s travels around Britain began and continued in years of repeated and catastrophic floods, first in Somerset then in Cumbria. The American water crises of Flint, Nestle and DAPL have brought new focus to global water management and sourcing. Water rights have never been so hotly contested: the bottled water industry nears a global market value of $200 billion, with a huge alternative cost to the world in plastic consumption.

We have had the chance to travel from the Netherlands to Australia, from flood to drought, re-tracing ancient trade routes for a whole new exchange. We work in Australia now in the age of a ‘nil by water’ immigration policy, but also at a time when rivers nearby have been given human rights. Before our eyes the Mediterranean Sea has turned from pleasure garden to graveyard, as the flood of refugees escaping from a drought and water war in Syria has brought to breaking point the coping and caring strategies of different countries, questioning our kindness and threatening the very coalition of Europe.

No one could have predicted the shocking change of contexts this water work has encountered, and of course our relationship with water will continue to adapt rapidly over the coming years, in new and unexpected ways. Museum of Water is an act of witness. It explores the boundary lines of our bodies and our thinking, and considers more fluid way of understanding the world and our inter-relations.

Museum of Water has travelled to over 50 different sites worldwide, been visited by over 40,000 people, and currently holds over 1000 bottles in the collection. These range from a melted snowman to a burst London water main and water from the last ice age, a muddy puddle in Birmingham to a canal in Rotterdam, water from Lourdes, Mecca and the Ganges, condensation from a Falmouth window, Ghost water and bad dream water, 20-year-old evaporated snow from Maine, a new born baby’s bath water, Norwegian spit, three types of urine, two different breaths and water from a bedside table said to be infused with dreams.

Eadi Solanki-Jackson (2007) - Water from a river in India

Rebecca Sharrocks (8-10/03/2013) - Rain Water collected over 2 days

Kipp Bryan (10/03/2013) - Sea water, fizzy water, and a bath bomb

Sidney (08/03/2013) - Water from my brother’s bath, 1 week after his operation. Water makes him feel better

Amy Sharrocks (19/05/2009) - Water from the Thames, collected at the end of the WALBROOK River Walk

Rocky (2012 Summer Holiday) - Greek painting with blue and white. Inside stones from Greece. The tap water reminds me of the sea and my holiday

Violet Bensley (10/03/2013) - Rusty water from my bird bath

Jesse Allmon (12/03/2013) - Water from my fish tank

Esme Supple (10/03/2013) - Hospital water and tap water

​Catrin Jones (Jan 2013) - My melted snowman

The Description Of Death At Columbine

The Columbine Effect > Victim #1 LAUREN TOWNSEND. TABLE 1.

#1 Was found lying on her left side , bent at the waist , head to the north ,feet to the east ,under the northwest corner of the table. She was dressed in a blue top , denim pants and dark boots. Multiple bullet holes were noted in the back of the shirt. Bloodstains associated with the upper two holes were consistent with drainage of blood was present under the left arm. A linear blood drainage stain was present in the rectal area. Bullet holes were present in the right thigh area with surrounding blood drainage stains consistent with the position of the body as found. Transfer bloodstains were present on the lower legs and on the sides and bottom of the boots. These bloodstains were not associated with injuries to the victim. Bloodstains on the carpet indicated that the legs of the victim were moved to the east through wet bloodstains to their position as found. The position of Table 2 and the surrounding chairs were marked on the carpet and then moved to view the body. Additional bullet holes were noted in the front crotch area when the body was moved. LAUREN TOWNSEND WAS AN INNOCENT CHILD.


#2 Was found lying on the floor in a prone position to the southeast of Table 2. She was dressed in a black shirt , denim pants and black/white tennis shoes. An entry wound consistent with a shotgun discharge was present in the lower left back of the body. The plastic shotgun cup/wad was present in the wound tract. Several associated pellet holes were present adjacent to the main entry wound. Drainage of blood from the wound was minimal and consistent with the position of the body as found. Drainage of blood from the nose/mouth area was consistent with the position of the body as found. No other bloodstains were present on the body. A single shotgun blast entered the lower left back ,traveled straight upward ,and the pellets were contained in the upper left back area. The acute angle of travel through the body indicated that the victim was in a prone or near prone position when shot.


#3 Was found lying on the floor in a prone position to the southeast of Table 6. He was dressed in a dark T-shirt , denim pants , and white/black tennis shoes. Three projectiles had entered the right side of the head/neck area and exited the left side. Numerous wood fragments and pieces of foam padding were dispersed in the area of the body. Drainage of blood from the right side of the head was consistent with the position of the body as found. A large pool of blood was present on the carpet extending to the west of the victim’s head area and under the victim’s chest and right arm. The victim’s eyeglasses were present under the lower portion of the face. No bloodstains were noted on the pants or shoes of the victim. No impact blood spatter was noted in the area.


#4 Was found lying on the floor in a prone position to the west of table 14. He was dressed in a grey shirt , denim pants ,and brown leather boots. A large concentrated bloodstain consistent with drainage from the rear of the neck and the upper chest was found under the body. This pooling of blood continued onto the carpet to the west of the body. A large concentrated transfer bloodstain was present on the lower back area of the clothing and body. No wounds were present in this area of the body. A single bullet entered the left arm ,continued through and entered the left chest ,and exited the back of the neck. A second single bullet entered the upper back leaving an atypical entrance hole and lodged in the left chest. A third single bullet entered the back and lodged in the left chest. The bloodstain originated on the exterior of the outer shirt , soaked through the thermal undershirt and onto the skin of the victim. A strap from the victim’s backpack was present under the left arm of the victim and the backpack was found to the west of the body. The bottom of the backpack was heavily blood soaked. No corresponding stain was present on the carpet under the position of the backpack as found. A pattern in the pooled blood to the west of the body was consistent with the size and shape of the backpack bottom. The bloodstain patterns were consistent with the backpack initially lying in the pool of blood of the victim ; and then moved to the floor to the west of the body.

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#5 Was lying found lying on his right side under Table 9 in the middle section. He was dressed in a tan shirt , denim pants and black/gray tennis shoes. His right arm extended to the south and the wrist area was positioned on top of the right rear stile of chair 9E. The chair was found lying on its back to the south of the victim. An injury to the fingers of the right hand was and a small pool of blood of dripped blood was found under the position of the hand. A concentrated pool of blood was present under the head ,neck and shoulder area of the victim. Eyeglasses were found under the head of the victin ,partially on the upper face. Chair 9E had a bullet path through the chair , entry in the seat cushion and exit in the front upper wooden rail. Wood fragments were dispersed over the body. A number of wood fragments were embedded into the right forearm of the victim. An injury to the right ear was noted upon repositioning of the body prior to transport. Three projectiles had entered the right side of the head/neck area and exited the left side. Additional injuries to the torso were consistent with shotgun pellets. The fatal injury was a single bullet that entered the nose and exited the back.

Daniel Mauser was an Innocent Child


#6 Was on his back under Table 16 against the north table leg or support. His right leg was extended to the west and his left leg under his right thigh. Possible Burns were seen on his left hand , the center and right side of his gray , long sleeved shirt and two dark areas on his blue jeans. He was wearing white athletic shoes , white socks , and a ball cap with the letter “ M ”. His head was towards the east. Blood was on his face and the left shoulder of his shirt. A hole was in the left front shoulder of the shirt. His right hand held some type of writing instrument. KECHTER suffered a gunshot wound to the chest ,with a left -to- right trajectory with possible wadding in the right lung. He also suffered burning from an unknown incendiary ( explosive or flammable ) device.

Matthew Kechter was an innocent child Victim #7 ISAIAH SHOELS. TABLE 16.

#7 A black male ,was to the south of ,and slightly under , KECHTER. He was generally facedown with the left side of his chest slightly above the floor. His legs were extended generally to the west. SHOELS head was towards the west. He suffered a gunshot wound perforating the left arm ,entering the left chest ,and exiting below the right armpit. Two pieces of wadding were found in the right arm of his shirt and a possible shotgun slug between his two shirts.

Isaiah Shoels was an Innocent Child


#8 A white male , was seated on the floor leg area of computer station number LMC 17. This station was at the west end of the south side of the south row of computer stations. His back was against the west panel with his right leg partially bent under his left leg , which was also partially bent. His arms were crossed at the wrists and in his lap. He was wearing a short sleeve blue shirt , blue jeans ,white socks and brown and black boots. He suffered a tangential wound to his right shoulder and a perforating wound entering on the right side of the neck and exiting on the left.

Steven Curnow was An Innocent Child


#9 A white female was found under Table 19. Her shoulders were against the west side of the table ,her head tilted to the north ,and her legs extended to the east. She was wearing a green short sleeve shirt over a black shirt ,light blue jeans ,white socks and black boots. She suffered a defensive wound to the right middle finger. There was blood on the right side of her face , her right hand ,and the right and center portions of her clothing. An apparent contact or near contact wound was visible on the back of the right hand. Another wound was visible on the right side of the head.

Cassie Bernall was An Innocent Child


#10 A white or Hispanic male was on the floor in front of the south side of the north bank of computer station 7. He was on his right side , head facing southwest ,with his left leg extended south and bent at the hip and his right leg bent under the left. His left arm was under him and his right arm partially under his head. He was wearing a blue and green coat over a white shirt ,black pants and black athletic shoes. Three pellets had entered his right shoulder and exited the lower back. He had a head wound with seven holes and a shot cup in his head.

Kyle V was An Innocent Child


#11 A white male ,was on his back with his head pointing east. His legs were bent at the hip with his knees towards the north and his lower legs pointing west. His left arm was across his stomach with a fingerless black glove on his left hand. His right arm was extended by his side and his right hand was around the grip of the TEC-9 pistol. Gray tape , holding two match strikers to the inside of the forearm ,was around his right wrist. He was wearing a black T-shirt with the word “ Wrath ” in red on the front ,black cargo pants , black boots and white socks. A large knife was on the left side of his belt. His face was bloodstained and a pool of blood was on the carpet under his head. Ammunition on his body included 14 rounds of 2 ¾". Federal shotgun shells in an ammunition belt around his waist ;in a bandoleer were 19 rounds of Federal 00 buck shells ;numerous live shotgun shells in a pouch in a pants pocket. There was a near contact wound to the left temple with a corresponding exit wound through the right temple. He also aspirated blood. He could have been capable of some involuntary movement. A pool of blood on the carpet to the north ,east and south of KLEBOLD’S(#11) head ,as well as to the west under his left shoulder. There was a bloodstain on the area on the back of his left arm above the elbow that was not consistent with being formed with the arm in the position found. In addition , some of the blood flows on the face were also formed with the head in a position other than found. These flows were consistent with KLEBOLD’s head resting on the right side of the face to allow the blood flow on the left side out of the wound. There were bloodstains on his right bicep and left center portion of the neck. The underside of the bill of the ball cap to the north of KLEBOLD appeared to be blood-soaked. This cap was in close proximity to the bloodstained area of the left knee of the pants worn by HARRIS.

No longer Innocent but was a victim of bullying and fell to depression and suicidal thoughts and Child who lost his place in the world

Body #11. ERIC HARRIS.

A white male was to the north of KLEBOLD. The upper back was leaning against the bottom shelf of the west side of Row 6 with his head pointed south. His skull was open at the top and the shelves behind ( to the east ) of him and the ceiling above him and the carpet below him were bloodstained. The heaviest areas of blood staining above the floor level were on the bookshelves to the east ( which his body was resting against ) were in line with his waist and legs and above his body. The stains on the ceiling and shelves were consistent with HARRIS receiving the gunshot wound to the head while he was in a seated position. At least two indentations were found on the underside of the metal shelves above and slightly north of the position of HARRIS hips and legs. The physical evidence was consistent with HARRIS’ torso generally facing west with his buttocks on or near the floor and his back near or resting against the west end of bookshelf Row 6. His head and upper torso moved to the south or left. His arms were by his chest with his forearms and hands angled up towards his face. He had a fingerless black glove on his right hand , which was next to a green pouch with shot shells. His legs were somewhat extended to the west. He was wearing a white T-shirt , black pants with a green ammunition belt , black boot and a knife strapped to his right leg. He had an ammunition pouch in his left cargo pants pocket. That pouch contained 10 rounds of Winchester 12 gauge shotgun shells ,each shell labeled as containing 15 pellets of 00 buck. Two single-column magazines with 9 mm rounds were in a pants pocket. A black ball cap with the letter “B” was between HARRIS’s left leg and KLEBOLD’s head. HARRIS had a shotgun wound to his head with the muzzle in his mouth. Bleeding was observed through his nose. At this time skull fragments from HARRIS ,some with circular holes through them were collected. When the body of HARRIS was being moved into the body bag , a mass of blood fell out of the open skull and landed on the carpet where KLEBOLD’s body had been. No longer Innocent but was a victim of bullying and fell to depression and suicidal thoughts and Child who lost his place in the world The events that unfolded at Columbine High School on April 20 1999 were tragic and very sad but we all have to learn that you can’t treat people any kind of way and not expect them to just continue and let it happen it’s not right and it’s sad that it took something like this to happen for them to realize it but those teachers knew Eric and Dylan were getting bullied they didn’t say anything because they saw them as weird and outcasts because of how they dressed and the fact that they were not on a sports team everyone knows the jocks ruled the school.And on the other hand Eric and Dylan did not have to kill those kids they could have just damaged the school Last note. This is what caused Columbine The Jocks bullied E/D the teachers/staff did nothing about it the other kids didn’t help them defend them so that caused them to hate the school then the people who attended and the worser their depression they began to hate the world. When they tried to be normal/themselves people made them feel powerless and no one wants to be powerless so what do you do you make yourself strong and they felt that their revenge would make them strong and being strong meant weapons. They went to that school and let out all the hell they endured that’s why people said they were laughing as they were killing people. They were doing this because it was a I have the power now type of situation. They wanted to make them feel what they felt they wanted them to feel the nothingness just like them. E/D felt they weren’t worth anything so they had no problem with death but it doesn’t have to be that way never let people mistreat you and be kind to others and stand up and always do the right thing. (TheColumbineEffect) R.I.P April 20 1999

(Show me your broken heart and I’ll take you as you are)

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Every Dan and Phil video in the London Apartment in order

I made a list of every single Dan and Phil video that they have uploaded since they first moved into their, (now old), London apartment. I have left out any YouTube Red videos but have included videos from all 6 channels, (danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, danisnotinteresting, LessAmazingPhil, DanandPhilGAMES and DanandPhilCRAFTS).

If you think the order is wrong or any of the links are incorrect please let me know and I will try to correct it.

(I spent WAY too much time on this but oh well)

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Naruto Fic Rec

For those days where you feel like crying over a fanfic these will most likely tear your heart out in one way or another.

Multiple pairings.

Backslide by Blackkat (KakaNaru)
The Life and Times of a Shinobi Den Mother series by Blackkat (GenRai)
Venatori by Laughing Phoenix (Team 8)
Peace of Mind series by forgetme (KakaGai)
Still Life in Pale Green by forgetme (KakaGai)
Manifestations of Regret by forgetme (KakaGai)
A snake among the leaves series by Blackkat (OroJar & KakaObi)
A snake in the grass a wolf at the door by Blackkat (OroSakumo)
Stepping Stones by Blackkat (KakaObi)
Down the rivers of the windfall light by Blackkat (KakaObi)
Déjà vu no Jutsu by Vixen_Tail (ShikakuOC)
True to myself by FlitterFlutterFly (ShikaSasu)
Splintered AUs by FriendshipCastle (KakaYama)
Assassins suck by mistletenzou (KakaYama)
The next type of motion by Dansunedisco (KakaYama)
Pay Heed to your Heart by ImperialMint (KakaYama)
Perfect Ten by aerynlallaboso (aerynsdottor) (KakaYama) 

Summaries as well as links under the line:

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i had a poodle like that and sat to protect the bird it'ts cute you have a very special dog to kiss a bird like that it’s ok to licke the bird it’s called LOVE

baby bird 

anonymous asked:

Hey, I've just started the vegan lifestyle, do you know any easy vegan recipes which don't require a lot of ingredients? 😀😊

Hello, and congratulations on your decision to become vegan!😄 Of course! I know many simple recipes that are very easy to do👍
Here are some of my personal favorites & I hope this helps make things easier in the kitchen!💛

Breakfast: 🥞
Pancakes: http://sweetsimplevegan.com/2016/01/3-ingredient-vegan-pancakes/
Waffles: http://sweetsimplevegan.com/2016/02/vegan-neapolitan-waffle-sundaes/
Toast With Refried Beans and Avocado: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2013/03/breakfast-toast-refried-beans-avocado-recipe.html

Lunch: 🍝
Sandwich: http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com/2016/09/simple-vegan-sandwich.html?m=1
Quinoa Salad: https://www.thespruce.com/vegetarian-quinoa-salad-recipe-3377920 Grilled Cheese With Hummus: http://www.mrsjanuary.com/easy-recipes/hummus-grilled-cheese/

Avocado Pasta: http://damndelicious.net/2014/06/20/avocado-pasta/
Crispy Potatoes with Vegan Nacho Sauce: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/food-recipes/easy/a36256/crispy-potatoes-with-vegan-nacho-sauce/
Cauliflower and Chickpea Stew With Couscous: https://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/browse-all-recipes/cauliflower-chickpea-stew-couscous
FRUIT & VEGGIES (pretty sure you realize that there is absolutely no wrong time of day to eat these foods in my opinion lol)

So, there you have it! I have a ton more I would love to share, but these are my top favorites☺️ You can also search on my blog for more simple recipes💛 Just remember that being vegan isn’t very hard! It is very possible to substitute things as well and make a recipe with your own spin on it. Good luck once again and I hope this helps!

Sam/Lara fanfiction recs (Complete if not stated otherwise) :

[Edit : 15 Feb ‘14  ’ * ' I’ll try to keep this post uptdated ]

- She traces your scars and rebuilds your world

-The King of Ithaca 

- Never let me go

- Infection  (WIP)

- The camera loves you ,  Dinner Date The Dreaming

- Ten Things I Hate About You 

- MAR 03 2013 00:00  

- Can’t Go Home , Easier to run (WIP)

- Royal Affection (WIP) 

- Target Practice 

- Calm Before

- No Heroes (Only Survivors) 

- Discovery 

- Combact the Storm (WIP)

- Good Night, Good Luck 

- Ser Croft (WIP) 

- Many Meetings (WIP) 

- Old Flames  

- In This Togheter  , Lessons , Scars , The Swear Jar and Other Stories (WIP)* 

- Two Halves of the Whole 

- The Sun Must Set To Rise (WIP) *

- Dirt and Blood * , Coconut Rum *

- War and Peace (WIP) *

Any suggestions are more than welcome.