02x20: prom queen

This wonderful person has just been elected prom queen.

And this is important, ‘cause the title is so well deserved: Apart from being as kind as she is gorgeous, she has truly admirable values: From project weeks to newspaper articles, she works to put focus on the environment, anti-racism and feminism in any which way she can. By being well informed and argumentative, she puts in an inspiring effort to make school (and thereby the world,) a better and more equal place.

And then, of course, her dress has a striking resemblance to one Angelica Schuyler’s…

Breaking protocol again by hopping on for another unplanned must share. As someone who’s a huge fan of both David Lynch’s bizarrely twisted Twin Peaks world and red hot Netflix series Stranger Things (in part due to their retro synthcore soundtracks), this surprise mashup of Twin Peaks’ Laura Palmer Theme with Stranger Things’ SURVIVE crafted theme is more than I could wish for. Wistful yet dark, tenderly melancholic yet eerily menacing… ahhh… My day is made. I’m listening to this all day long. Or, I would, if I could. Thank you, Seattle band Prom Queen, for creating Stranger Peaks.

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my outfit at the whitney biennial reception was made out of random stuff i threw together that day:

-a tiara given in tribute by a loyal supporter in the eastern provinces
-foil streamers that fell on the floor during the party

all magically cohering into goblin prom queen

Klaine Advent 2016: Day 3 Charm

Day 3: Charm

Kurt and Burt adjusting to Blaine in season 2. 3145 words

It’s the thing people said about Blaine, or so it seemed to Kurt. Right after “dapper” and before “gentlemanly,” they would say it—“He’s so charming!” And Kurt had to admit he was so in agreement with them; it was something he was proudest of about this boy. He felt sometimes like walking around Lima with Blaine was like being wrapped up in a cloud of that charm. Faces that used to be closed off to him, eyebrows raised, now were softened and welcoming.

Just on one outing on a pretty spring afternoon, three different shopkeepers had smiled and said, “Keep the change” to Blaine. I mean, who did that? And the lady in the jewelry store actually found some Easter wrapping paper to add a special touch to his present for his mama; when Blaine went for his wallet to tip her, she had actually blushed as she stopped him with a manicured hand to his forearm.

“That was weird,” Kurt said as they waited in line at the Sundae Shoppe.

“Hmmm?” Blaine questioned with his eyebrows as he bent over the bag containing his purchases.

“Mrs. Sims in the jewelry store. I’d swear she was flirting with you, but, I mean, she’s at LEAST 30.”

“Maybe she has spring fever, Kurt,” Blaine replied. “I know I certainly do. Or maybe it’s the company. I think you should always wear just exactly that shade of blue. It really brings out your eyes.”

Okay, so maybe those people had a point. He was charming and dreamy, and Kurt’s insides were melting with pleasure AGAIN. He longed to grab his boyfriend’s hand or steal a kiss. He settled with looking down and blushing. “Watch it mister. Flattery will get you—”

“A ride home, I hope?” Blaine asked, leaning close to whisper, “And some makeout time in the driveway? Kitchen? My room?”

The one person in Kurt’s life who didn’t seem to be taken by Blaine’s charm was Kurt’s dad. Kurt couldn’t blame him, actually. Finding a boy—an obviously hungover boy—in your child’s bed sort of had a way of killing any positive first impressions. Not that he DISLIKED him, really. But even after Kurt danced through the door from Dalton, with the news that he had a boyfriend, a delightful boyfriend, the best boyfriend, Burt still seemed to hold Blaine at arm’s length.

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