It’s crazy how…

these people we don’t even actually know…

can make us the happiest we could ever be…

on our worst possible days.

~y0utube-taking0ver xoxoxo love you guys

Cotton In between - Kian Lawley Imagine

Light Smut, Kian never really cared about the people around you when he felt like getting close.
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Your body moved to the rhythm that blasted out of speakers in the mall, Kian  took a hold of your hips while leaning in to kiss you. His fingers traveled upwards under your top and for a moment you went with it, teasing him by rocking your hips to the music and kissing his lips softly.

You smirked at him and took a step back to increase the distance.  “Let’s go to Cotton On next.”  You grabbed his hand to walk to the shop, but Kian pulled you back against his body and put his arms tighter around you.  “Oh no, We’re not. I need you now.” 

Your cheeks flushed a bit when you realized he was serious. “Babe, the only thing we’re doing in Cotton On will be going to the dressing rooms.” 

He looked straight in to your eyes while your mind was thinking of all the people around you, were they listening in on the conversation?

 You knew there was no way you could ever change his mind when he got an idea:   ”Oh, Kian..May be we should just go home.”   You blinked your eye at him, gave him a long kiss and whispered a promise for later.

I spend 75% of my day on youtube and that’s not an exaggeration, these people have shaped me to be who I am today, i love all of them and wish they were actually my friends in real life❤️
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